Proud Mommy Day

My very first blog post, say whaaat! This is pretty exciting! Go figure, it’s about one of my kids. It’s not going to be a long one by any means but I had to share Reegan’s successes today because she did so great! Reegan had an assembly at school  which I usually miss because they almost always land on a Friday I work. Not today though! I finally made it to one and I’m sure glad I did.

Her first shining moment was when the gym teacher started recognizing the students in every class that surpassed the beep test goal. The beep test is a multi-stage fitness test, it’s a series of stages that have different tasks related to athletic endurance (eg. situps, running, pushups etc.) The grade 3 goal was 7.0 and Reegan managed a 7.2. Look at her go!


Being recognized for her beep test achievment

Next was a little bit of a bigger deal. She was awarded a kindness award!! The school hands out monthly kindness awards to kids who are nominated by teachers for the kind and caring things they do. These kids all have their name put in a draw for the chance to win an Ipod Shuffle and then they all get to have lunch the following week with the principle. Reegan and her bestie were both presented with awards today for giving up their recess time to help clean up the play ground and for always asking what else they can do and for constantly offering a helping hand when they can. I must be doing something right haha


Getting their awards in front of the school


Reegan and her BFF Paislee. Pretty proud of these girls.

Last but not least, it was report card day today for Reegs. I NEVER worry when it comes to this kids report card. She is a little smartie pants. She reads above her grade level and her math is well on its way to being the same. Her teachers often have to find her extra work to do so she doesn’t become bored in school. As per usual, her report was not only on par, she went up a mark in 3 classes! our school marks in a number system, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Reegan’s report today had 9 subjects on it and 8 of them were 5s with one 4. Damn near straight As!!

This girl killed it and it made for a very very proud mommy day, it was a great way to kick off a child free/work free weekend. Now on to relaxing and enjoying a weekend with my hubby.