First Bike Trip of the Year

Woo hoo it’s spring time, which means biking season!! At the beginning of the week our forecast was calling for beautiful plus temperatures so we planned a biking trip with friends for Saturday. We should’ve known better. We live in southern Alberta, the forecast around here changes in the blink of an eye. Our destination was Waterton Lakes National Park. It’s a gorgeous little tourist town right at the base of the Canadian Rockies, about an hour and a half from our house. Even though Waterton is beautiful in every season, if it’s cold at home, it’s almost always colder and windier in Waterton. We decided to go anyway.

We woke up Saturday morning to gloomy skies, only plus 8 temperatures and a forecast of wind which was only supposed to get worse. Knowing the weather wasn’t going to get better and that it would be worse on the highway, we bundled right up. Brad luckily has riding leathers so with a few layers he was good to go. I have nothing of the sort so I borrowed Carhart coveralls from my bro in law and dressed in wool socks, a hoodie, winter jacket, gloves and toque for under my helmet. Believe it or not, I was pretty toasty for most of the trip.


It’s sure nice to have a brother in law you can swap clothes with haha

We decided everyone would meet at our house at about 11:30am. Other than Brad and I, we had 4 other people riding with us. A nice little crew for the day. We were all pretty excited to be hitting the road


Away we go!

There’s something about hitting the highway on the bike that makes me want to throw my hands in the air and yell “Freedoooommm!!!” It’s seriously such a great feeling. We rode about 30 minutes to the next town where we stopped for Brad to top up our bike with gas. Brad’s bike has a small tank and if we don’t stop frequently we will run out of gas. We learned this the hard way last year. A couple times.


Brad loves this helmet he borrowed from his bro

After a few minutes of chit chatting, we were back on the road and it was cold and so so windy! There was a time the wind was blowing so bad I couldn’t catch my breath! I was like a newborn outside for the first time. Eventually the highway slightly changed direction and I was fine, the wind was still there though. I’ve made this drive hundreds of times in my life and the scenery never ever gets old. The mountains are so gorgeous and this time of year they still have tons of snow.


Heading straight for the beautiful Rocky Mountains

Finally we made it to Waterton! I was so happy our first stop was lunch at my favourite place, Weiners of Waterton. The cold, windy ride was totally worth it for one of their gourmet hot dogs with fries and special dipping sauce. I make sure I eat here every time I come to Waterton. I highly recommend this place if you’ve never been before.


It was so busy inside we actually had to wait outside for a bit

After eating my friend Jessica and I headed across the street to the rec centre to use the washroom while the boys waited in the wind by the bikes. On our walk over we came across some mountain goats. Not an unusual sight in Waterton along with deer, bears and the occasional cougar. Its not the first time I’ve seen mountain goats in the town but it was still pretty cool


Pretty cool animals


Some sexy bikes right there!

We decided to brave the cold a little longer and head up into the mountains a little ways to Cameron Lake. In the summer this lake offers lots of different activities such as canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and hiking. In the winter you can rent or bring your own snow shoes and cross country skis and make it all the way to the frozen lake (Brad and I skied there in February and it was so fun!). The drive up was even colder than it was down below but again the scenery was well worth it.


Look at all that snow!


How pretty is this waterfall??

We could only make it half way up the road to the lake because there’s still too much snow so the parks crew has it barricaded off. I was surprised at how many people were up there despite the weather. I’m sure they were just as surprised to see us come up on bikes. While we stood around visiting and taking in the view we realized it had started to snow and that was our cue to head back down the mountain and home for the day. We were too cold to do much else and since it was our first ride of they year, our butts were getting pretty sore haha I had Brad ask a stranger to take a picture of our group quick before we left for home. It was a great day with friends and I’m sure glad we did it even in the cold.


We have some of the greatest friends!


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