A Day in the Life of Mom


This little meme made me laugh so hard because it’s pretty much exactly the sentiment I ended my day with today so I had to share.

A typical work day for me starts at about 5:45….with my snooze button. Then I continue to hit that bad boy for the next half hour, finally rolling out of bed at 6:12am. I then rush like a mad woman to get myself ready and my coffee made and out the door at 6:30 at the very latest because I have a half hour drive to work (the city 30 minutes north of our small town) and I’m usually really pushing my time limit. Today was no different.

I woke up from a night of barely sleeping and was greeted with a raging headache. Ugh. My best friend and fellow coworker picked me up (we usually take turns driving) and we spent the drive in drinking our coffees catching up on each others weekends. It’s seriously my favourite part of my day. Work was nothing out of the ordinary and I spent the day trying not to fall asleep and wishing it was 3:00. The saying “no rest for the wicked” popped into my mind on afternoon coffee break as I quickly borrowed my friends vehicle and rushed to the nearest grocery store to do my weekly grocery shopping. I didn’t have time to do it after work because I had to drive straight home to pick my kids up from school. While marathon shopping I witnessed 2 employees having a full out yelling match right in the middle of the store! As I rounded the corner of an aisle, one employee almost ran me over on his mountain bike! I kid you not. He clearly had enough and was outta there. I couldn’t help but openly laugh as I carried on with my shopping. I probably looked like a mad woman but it made my trip quite entertaining and I thought it was even funnier as I saw the reactions of my coworkers when I got back to work and told them what had happened.

Finally it was 3!! Another 30 minute drive means more quality time with my bestie and I revel in it. Once home, she helped me carry in my groceries which I pretty much just threw into the kitchen and headed back out the door and up to the school to pick up Briggs and Reegan where they were impatiently waiting because I was longer than the 2 extra minutes they like to wait. Back home we went where I was pleasantly surprised to find Brad putting the groceries away. I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it and then layed on the couch trying to decide between a nap or a workout. Thankfully Briggs came in with a third option, help with homework. Not thrilling but a necessity. I finally mustered all my energy and got my yoga mat and workout plan set up and between Reegan’s 20 questions about why every move was called what it was and my lack of motivation, I think I might have gotten in 20 minutes. It was then I heard the bathtub start calling my name.

Next came dinner. A new recipe of hamburger patties in some gravy mixture and mashed potatoes. Found on Pinterest of course. Reegan despised it. No surprise there, she’s a hard one to please. Dinner time was full of bargaining and negotiating and her very slowly eating this “horrible dinner”. Then of course, there’s dinner clean up which inevitably leads into my most dreaded part of my night….making lunches. I hate this chore with every fibre of my being, sometimes I make the kids do their own but they hate it just as much as me and it’s easier just to get it over with. I sent the kids up to the store so they could buy popcorn for an evening snack and I hammered out lunches as quick as I could, I just kept reminding myself a hot bath and relaxation was in my very near future.

Reegan’s bedtime finally rolled around, hallelujah, and that’s when Briggs decided it would be a good time for him to shower. Are ya kidding me kid? So now my bath was put off for at least half an hour so I could have hot water.

I waited…..

When I thought enough time had passed, I gathered my bathing essentials, Epsom salt, drinking water and reading material


I was ready!

I couldn’t wait to get in that hot water and just relax and read. It’s one of my very favourite things to do. I hopped in and guess what!! It was COLD!!  Briggs had used all the hot water and my dreamy bath was now just a fantasy. I thought maybe I could tough it out a little bit but about 60 seconds in I was shivering and telling myself to let it go, the bath I was so looking forward to wasn’t going to happen. I got out, found my warmest pjs, made a cup of tea and crawled into bed to do my reading. Not without cursing a little bit of course.

So now this is how my night is going


Better than nothin

I guess this one can be chalked up to “mom problems” and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that maybe tomorrow I’ll get that bath I’m soooo ready for.  Sweet dreams!

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