TGIF Means Nothing If You Work All Weekend

It’s Friday!! This Is not nearly as exciting g to me as it is to everyone else as I have to work all weekend haha it is however, my day off. Not just A day off but my ONLY day off in 8 days so that alone is reason to TGIF. It’s also a Friday of a weekend all of our kids are home. Once a month we have a weekend our kids are home and I work and depending what else we have going on it can make for a pretty chaotic weekend. Any family activities we want to do have to be done after 3:30pm so it usually turns it into a late night which is fine for everyone else that gets to sleep in.   Me? Not so much. Not only that but who’s house doesn’t get crazy when Dad’s left in charge for most of the time? haha We usually try to keep this weekend pretty chill and do things like family movie nights. Especially this weekend as the weather is not looking great


It has already rained today


The wind has also picked up like nobody’s business 

Despite work and rain and whatever craziness is thrown our way this weekend, I know there’s going to be lots of laughs and memories made. Enjoy the weekend!

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