Hooray for the Freakin Weekend!!

Despite the fact I worked all weekend, we somehow managed to have nice mixture of a relaxing yet exciting weekend with our kids.

Friday wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary, the boys tried to go for a ride on their dirt bikes but unfortunately Dylan’s bike broke down. It’s given us nothing but grief for the last year and it looked like it had finally kicked the bucket, very upsetting for him as he LOVES biking. While Brad tried to figure out the problem and I made dinner, Briggs took Robyn for a ride down a dirt road not far from our house.


This just melts my heart

The evening went on and the girls enjoyed a “spa” night in the bathroom while the boys played video games. I decided to make homemade orange julius’. Ohhh man were they ever delicious and so easy! Great way to end our Friday night.


Saturday morning I headed off to work as my family slept to their hearts content.  This is one of the worst parts of working weekends, it almost kills me to leave my warm bed and peaceful house. Later in the day Brad called to tell me Dylan had called his grandparents and they agreed to help him buy a new dirt bike! He was so stoked! We are blessed to have several sets of grandparents who love and are willing to help our kids out. Turns out a good friends of ours had a bike Dylan’s size and gave us a steal of a deal on it!


One happy kid right here!

After work we had plans of taking the kids into the city for the evening. I felt we needed to get out of the house and do something as a family. So we loaded the kids up and away we went.


Turns out when you have a kid that can drive, you get demoted to the backseat




Good thing I had some great company back there!

We decided to take the kids for some pizza at Little Ceasars and mini golf. Once we were sat down and eating, I noticed the mini golf course across the way was having a deal, $5/person got you a round of golf and a frozen yogurt at the shop next door. I was sold! The kids were thrilled.


Black light golf!


Those girls are somethin’ else Haha

Have you ever tried to golf with a group of 6??  Wow was that ever chaotic. Good thing there was nobody behind us because we were also slow. We kept score and in the end, Brad won, Dylan and I tied for second followed by Briggs, then Reegan and then Robyn. Off to froyo we went!


The kids were ecstatic to pile whatever goodies they wanted into their yogurt


Mmmmm mmmm

We finished up our treats and drove back home for the night to watch movies and get some sleep.

Sunday once again had me tearing myself away from home while Brad and the kids spent the day hanging out with cousins and cleaning up the house so I didn’t have to do it after work. The time came for Dylan and Robyn to go back to their moms and the rest of us had a pretty boring evening getting ready for the upcoming week. Back to reality for the Richards!

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