I Survived Easter Break!!

Does anyone else feel like getting through any kind of school break is a huge achievement? I do! By the end of it I feel like yelling “I made it!” While someone hands me a trophy ha! It’s now Friday evening of our Easter break and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I did my very best to keep my kids busy  and we got really lucky weather wise because it was beautiful all week so on my 2 days off we got to enjoy the great outdoors.

My boys called a friend over on Tuesday and they spent the day out at my inlaw’s acreage working and riding on their dirt biking track IMG_1218

The girls and I hit the city that evening for a little bit of shopping and a movie. Anyone that hasn’t seen the new Beauty and the Beast yet needs to get to the nearest theatre. It was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!


They were so excited


I can’t take these 2 anywhere haha

My next day off I had every intention of doing a bunch of chores but I couldn’t resist the sunshine so me and the kids went to our local fishpond/campground  to roll Easter eggs and wander the nature trails.IMG_1254


Our egg rolling of course turned into an egg war and pretty soon there was egg shrapnel everywhere. The 3 younger kids then wanted to roller blade the paved trails so we ran home quick, grabbed blades, refilled waters and hurried back.


Just strikin a pose.

It was so great to finally have some days off that allowed me to get out in the sun and be active with my kids.


The looks on their faces sums up my life with these kids lol 

Unfortunately the rest of my week was spent at work but I still managed to get in an evening bike ride with Reegan and Briggs and a movie night with Reegan and Brad.

I even ventured outside a couple mornings for a wonderfully relaxing yoga sesh in the sun. What a great way to to get in my “me” time. My neighbors probably thought I was crazy. IMG_1223

All in all, even though it was a hectic week, I survived and had a pretty good time doing it.

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