Our Trip Up Bear’s Hump

I’ve been begging Brad to do a trip up Bear’s Hump for the last 2 summers and for some reason we just haven’t found the time to do it but Saturday was my lucky day! We were looking at decent weekend weather and nothing else planned so it was a perfect opportunity. We tried to round up our brother and sister in laws and their kids but it didn’t really work out so we ended up taking our 4 kids and our nephew Ace. Off to Waterton we went!

Bear’s Hump is a hiking trail in Waterton National Park. It’s a pretty short hike, depending on your pace, but it’s a steep SOB. The view at the top is so worth it! You can see the whole town, the lake and the beautiful Rocky Mountain range. If you don’t have a stroke on the way up that is.



We started out pretty enthusiastically but it didn’t take long before my lungs were burning. This is no yoga class. I stopped to “take pictures” but really I was catching my breath.


On the way up

On the drive there, Brad was positive it was going to be too snowy to hike but we were both surprised at how hot it actually was and we all started shedding our sweaters. The boys of course took off way ahead of us and anytime we got close to them I would hear one of them yell “Hurry they’re gaining on us!”


The girls were sweet enough to stay with their winded parents 

Brad wasn’t entirely wrong, there was snow on the trail still. Not an abundance of it but as we got closer to the top it got wetter and a few pieces on the trail were covered so we had to watch our step.



Some man made steps and a lot of rocks

IMG_1410Finally we made it to the top!! There was a lot of people already up there so I couldn’t just lay down and die like I really wanted to. That would’ve been embarrassing. We found the boys because they had been up there for a bit already and made sure we got the obligatory family picture to document our victory.


It’s been 3.5 years since our last picture up here.

The kids wandered around and tried to feed the squirrels that we’re scampering around while Brad and I took in the gorgeous view and snapped some pictures.


IMG_1409The kids were starting to get bored and hungry so we decided to head back down. Once again, the boys left us in the dust. The snow that we had to carefully step through in the way up was far more slippery on the way down and it made for some pretty slow going for me and the girls. Brad the daredevil threw caution to the wind and just skied his way down. I decided it would be safer to crouch down low and some what crawl. I was wrong. While crouched on one foot, I started sliding and I couldn’t stop. I figured I better just go with it and I picked up some pretty good speed which caused me to slide right into Brad haha I was officially soaked but we were out of the snow. The rest of the way down Robyn warned everyone we passed that they would be getting their butts wet on the way down. IMG_1353


On the way down Brad had the idea to recreate a picture we took the last time we hiked this trail so of course, I obliged  and it’ll probably be a new tradition.


Haha we got pretty close!

We got to the bottom and wanted to go look around the town site a little before we left. The kids were really hoping the ice cream shop was open but unfortunately it wasn’t so the boys shot hoops for awhile and the girls played at the park


Look at that background scenery

Then we took a walk over to the waterfall in the middle of town. It’s always a stop when we come to Waterton.


Cameron Falls

By this time the kids were sure they were starving to death and were starting to get cranky about it so we promised them an ice cream at the first town we hit and called it a day. Of course I had to snap a few pics on our way back to the vehicle.


Don’t ever pass up a chance to visit Waterton! 

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