Almost everything we do with Brandon and Morgan (Brad’s brother and his wife) is hilariously fun and Saturday’s golf game wasn’t any different. We had no kids for the weekend so Brandon and Morgan found a sitter for their girls and we hit the links at our hometown course where the company Brad works for has a corporate, so we golf for free!

Let me start off by saying I am nowhere near being a good golfer. On average I golf twice a year and I didn’t even start golfing until I started dating Brad, it was actually our first date, but it gets me outside and I enjoy it. Morgan hasn’t golfed since high school and she is just as clueless as I am when it comes to terminology and what club to use and when to use it. Our husbands, who golf frequently and have  their whole lives, were in for a real treat.

For some reason the boys decided to give me and Morgan our own golf cart while they took the other one. Instantly Morgan told me I was driving. I’ve think I’ve driven a cart once before.


Seriously, who gives us our own cart?? 

Morgan and I have pretty much the same style of golf game, swing the club a million times before actually making contact with the ball and then once it does, hope for the best. It definitely slowed the game down and at first we were trying to rush because there was a group behind us, which was not helping our game. Brandon and Brad had a bet going and whoever had the better golf game got to flick the other one in the nose a certain number of times. This is a very common game between the 2 of them.

After awhile I stopped feeling so rushed and started to take in the beauty of the course. Our golf course is pretty well known around these parts for being one of the nicest golf courses and people come from all different places to golf it.IMG_1428


It has all kinds of rivers and bridges.

If you know anything about golf, you know there’s such thing as golf etiquette and part of it is being quiet and not talking while someone else is teeing off or trying to make a shot. Morgan and I were absolutely horrible at this. Even when we thought we were whispering we were too loud for the boys liking and we spent the day getting shushed and glared at. We also got blamed for the subpar games they were having.


They might’ve taken their own cart so they could get away from us easier.

We lost quite a few balls in the water and I spent so much time in the sand traps Brandon told me “You spend more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff!” Ugh, it was not my day. Hole 16 rolled around though and Morgan was suddenly Tiger Woods! It was a par 5 hole and she birdied it! It was amazing!!


I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of my cute husband.

By hole 18 I was starving and ready for the game to be over. We finished up and zipped back to the clubhouse. I have no idea what anyone’s score was, all I know is Brad beat Brandon and he was free from any nose flicks haha


Brandon was not happy about his loss

I had the funnest golf game of my life and we are really hoping we can do it a little more often. Maybe next time Morgan and I will keep our talking and giggling to a minimum and Brandon won’t have that look on his face at the end!

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