No Adult Surpervision Required

In just about every movie or tv show you watch, what is the one thing the parental characters want?? That’s right, responsibility free, adult interaction. It’s the same in real life! What over worked, over busy, over stressed parent doesn’t want the chance to kick back and relax? Whether you work all day or are home with kids all day, at some point, you need a break. For us, this is a huge benefit to being a blended family. We have every other weekend and even times during the week where we have the option to do whatever we decide. We can sit at home and relax in silence, we can have date nights without finding sitters or we can enjoy time with friends and not have to worry about getting home to our kids at a decent hour. It’s awesome!

Last night we managed to have only Briggs at home and since he’s old enough to be on his own we threw him some money for supper and headed out for a motorcycle ride and dinner with other adults.


Some Mexican cuisine in Twin Butte!

For me, the time we get to ourselves saves my sanity. I love my weekdays off from work when I’m home all alone, it gives me time to recharge and I get way more accomplished. This is also when I get my napping done haha

The time Brad and I get together is so great for our marriage because it gives us that alone time you’re supposed to get when you’re newly married BEFORE kids. This is where we get to know each other as individuals instead of mom and dad. We get to have important conversations without being interrupted or worried about little ears around the corner. We get to be real with each other and we don’t have to censor it. Most important I think, we get to date! We often have date nights on the weekends we don’t have kids.


At the movies.

Kid free time also means time with our friends. I believe it’s important to have friendships and other people you can identify with. We just happen to have some of the greatest friends around! We spend time with our friends even when our kids our home but there’s something about hanging out with others, without having to be responsible, that is so good for the soul. It’s a time where we don’t really have to act like grown ups if we don’t want to. We can be loud, obnoxious and inappropriate and there’s no worries about it being repeated. Hell, we can even give ourselves fake tramp stamps!




Time with friends is time well spent.

We love our kids and we love doing things with them and having new experiences, but man is it ever nice to let loose and have no worries for a few hours or a couple days. If you’re a parent that has kids 24/7 with minimal time to yourself, kudos to you! I think every parent deserves regular time to themselves to recharge and get in touch with their inner person. So often parents are looked at as just that, parents. We loose our own identities and we forget to strengthen relationships with ourselves and others. So get out there and make time for you, your spouse and your friends! It’ll make you a happier person which will only benefit your kids in the long run.


What do you do for fun when you find yourself kid free? I’d love to hear about it!


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