Bush Bash 2.0

The last weekend in June is usually reserved for what we call “Bush Bash” an adult only, biking/quading, camping trip that we started with our friends 4 years ago. It’s also where Brad and I officially became an item so it’s a weekend near and dear to our hearts. This year it was a totally different camping trip. Everyone else was busy and we realized it was the only weekend we would have a chance to take our kids camping, so we ditched “Bush Bash” for the year and started planning a family camping trip.

The week prior was a hectic one. Me and Brad spent the days getting the camper cleaned out, bikes ready to go, and kids and ourselves packed and we borrowed a quad and flat deck trailer from our friend Kevin. This requires so much organization and running around. I was exhausted before we even got going!

Friday evening came and we were ready to go. Me Briggs and the girls in one vehicle pulling the machines and Brad and Dylan in another vehicle pulling the camper.


Oh did I mention I’ve never pulled a trailer before??

About 2 hours and one McDonald’s stop later we arrived at our destination in the Crowsnest Pass. The kids immediately starting unloading their bikes and riding around the campsite while Brad and I unpacked and got a fire going. It was already pretty late so we didn’t get much fire time but everyone was so exhausted nobody really minded.


Maybe he will learn not to play with fire.

Saturday we were up and ready to do some adventuring.


Our camp spot was pure perfection 

We ate a quick breakfast and started to gear up. Reegan started to panic about riding her bike. I offered to stay back with her but she didn’t want me to miss out so she sucked it up and away we went. If I didn’t know she was crying I would’ve thought she was an old pro. The boys rode ahead but the girls had never done this before so they were a little slower. Brad and I followed behind them on a quad.


They were the cutest things I had ever seen!

We had to stop along the way a few times to help Reegan and try to calm her down. In the midst of meltdown she told me she wanted to sell her bike and never ride it again. After a frustrated meltdown of my own, we agreed to continue on and talk about it later. It was soon after this we realized we hadn’t seen the boys in awhile so Brad decide to go ahead on his own to look for them while me and the girls waited by the river. It was fine by us, the scenery was beautiful.



The boys showed up about 10 minutes later but no Brad. We waited a few minutes and then Dylan went looking for him. They both came back shortly but I could tell something was wrong. The throttle cable broke and Brad had been pushing the quad back! Obviously we needed to get back to camp. Brad figured out a way to keep the bike idling and use the momentum of the hills to keep us going as much as possible. We sent the kids ahead so they wouldn’t get in our way because if we stopped it was too hard to get going again. What an interesting ride back that was.

Just as we were pulling into camp, Briggs came speeding across the field heading for a little jump in front of us. He hit it and I’m sure, immediately regretted it. His one leg was flying behind him in the air while he was still holding his handle bars and as he hit the ground, him and his bike both went sliding sideways across the grass. He immediately hopped up and told us he was ok, I laughed so hard I cried (its 2 days later and I’m still laughing).

While I made lunch, Brad managed to jimmy rig the throttle cable to the handle bars so all he had to do was pull the cable instead of push the throttle. We rode it like that for the rest of the weekend haha

The next trail we took was in the opposite direction to a fish pond and Reegan’s fears had vanished. It was a fun little ride and when we got there she told me she definitely didn’t want to sell her bike anymore. We sat here awhile and watched fish after fish jump out of the water.IMG_2016


By this time the boys were sick of being slowed down by us girls so Brad traded the quad in for his bike and they went for a boys ride. Me and the girls headed to the town of Coleman for firewood and to find a waterfall someone had told us about.


The 5 minute easy walk we were told about turned into a 30 minute hike I wished I had worn different shoes for but my oh my the scenery was gorgeous and the girls soon turned it into an opportunity for a photo shoot.




Finally we made it to the waterfall! It wasn’t quite what we had expected but it was pretty none the less and we spent awhile jump from rock to rock across the little river, and of course, taking more pictures.




We had parked in the same parking lot as a spray park so we decided to head back and check it out because the girls were boiling hot and sweating up a storm. We found some other cool stuff in the parking lot too.


Huh, who knew!?



Don’t they make a cute couple?


After having their fill of the spray park we headed back to camp to see if the boys were back. Sure enough they were, and the conservation officer was with them. Not a sight you want to pull up to. Turns out he was just checking for bike insurance and registration, we had it so we were fine. This is when Brad and Briggs decided to tell me Briggs had a pretty big crash but to everyones surprise he was totally fine, just needed a nap. So did I. Brad and Dylan took this chance to go with a friend on another ride for about an hour.

When they got back I threw a frozen lasagna in the camper oven to cook while we went in one last family ride for the day.


We spent the rest of the evening around the fire, making smores, quoting the sandlot and playing hide and seek. Well, the kids played, we watched.

Sunday morning Brad and Dylan were still raring to go but the rest of us were sore, tired and not feeling great. We all toughed out one more ride to the pond and then came back to pack up and ship out.



This is my favourite picture of the weekend 

It wasn’t the Bush Bash/anniversary weekend we are used to but it was still a blast!


Where are some of your favourite places to camp?

Any of your own camping traditions?


What A Weekend

This weekend was one for the books. It was packed full of activities and it was a blast! We were supposed to have kids but we had a wedding and we wanted a chance to take the kids camping on a different weekend before surgery so we talked with our co-parents and worked it out so we could do both by switching weekends around. This is something that usually happens in the summer just to accommodate everyone’s activities. It’s seriously harder than you’d think but in the end works out for everyone.

We kicked this weekend off with Reegan’s dance recital on Friday night which we were almost late for because Brad needed a hair cut and it took way longer than it should have. Then when he tried to leave, the vehicle wouldn’t start so I had to drive his dirty smelly work van uptown to boost the battery. We quickly drive home so Brad could change and we were on our way. Or so I thought. Ten minutes down the highway I realized I had forgotten the recital tickets! Ugghhh back home we went. We were so behind and I still needed to stop and get Reegan flowers and I was starving! We hit Walmart once we were in the city and decided to divide and conquer. I went to find flowers and Brad went to McDonald’s. I finished in about 5 minutes, Brad was still waiting to order. What we thought would be a quick “fast” food stop turned into a 20 minute wait! I could’ve cooked burgers faster than that.  Finally we got our order and beelined it for the theatrethe recital was being held at. Lucky for us the show didn’t start right on time and we were able to make it before the lights went off.


Her Jazz dance

Reegan had 2 dances to perform, a jazz and a tap and she was incredible in both of them. She looks like a totally different kid on stage, it totally blows me away. I love watching her year end recitals.

Saturday was the wedding day of our friends Jason and Ashley (who we are both distantly related to). It was a beautiful day but there were clouds in the distance. Rain on your wedding day is good luck though right? After a slight argument with Brad about why he couldn’t wear his leather biking vest, we were dressed up and ready to go.


But guess what….our vehicle wouldn’t start!! I was starting to get really frustrated. After about 15 minutes of it being hooked up to the battery charger, it finally started.

It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony complete with a cookie and juice bar. Adorable! The clouds rolled in and it started to rain a little. Just as Ashley got out of the limo the rain let up, the sun started shining and it was perfect. And so was she! Jason didn’t look so bad either.


When we left the ceremony our vehicle once again wouldn’t start and we had to find someone to give us a boost. That was it! We went straight to Canadian Tire and bought a new battery where Brad changed it in the parking lot. Problem solved! It started right up. We hung around the city running little errands until it was time for the wedding cocktails and dinner.  The hall looked absolutely beautiful and the food was soooo delicious.


We spent the night drinking and dancing our butts off with our friends and it was one of the funnest nights I have had in a long time. There were some friends going back to our town so we caught a ride home and left our vehicle in the city. The abundance of drinks had kicked Brad’s butt and he was one sick man all the way home and for about an hour after haha the poor guy even slept on the bathroom floor.

Sunday was Father’s Day and we had plans of riding the street bike down to the states. We woke up not feeling so hot. Brad way more than me. It took us awhile to get our bearings and even a few second guesses about actually going but we had both been looking forward to it so we sucked it up and started getting ready. Brad only threw up a couple times in the process haha it was warm so we only packed a couple extra jackets and we were on our way with the hopes the wind in our faces would make us feel better. It didn’t. We made it to the border in about an hour and we weren’t feeling good and it was cold. We both put on our coats and  continued on. We were soon frozen and starving. We stopped for lunch about an hour later in St. Mary’s Montana at a hotel we had eaten at last year.


It’s so cute and rustic, I want to live in it. 


Other than the caution tape, our lunch view was gorgeous!

We debated if we should continue on to the Going To The Sun Road like we had wanted because it was so cold but knew we would be sad if we didn’t. I’m glad we did. It didn’t get any warmer but the view along this road is so amazing, I’m never disappointed.



We even got to stop on the side of the road and watch a HUGE grizzly bear up on the cliffs above us! Other people that were there said they saw another bear and 2 cubs down the road but we missed those ones. I tried to get a picture of the grizzly but it was far away and turned out pretty blurry.


That big brown blurr is the bear.

We rode as far as we could up the road until we were too cold and decided to turn around and head for home. We probably could have gotten a lot further if we had been dressed for the Montana weather instead of the warm Alberta weather.


Ice cubes

We stopped in St Mary’s again to get gas and Brad’s favorite American treats for his Father’s Day present, caramel bugels and cheap coors original. How beer was even on his mind after the night before I’ll never know haha


He was so excited 

We had such a fun and busy weekend and I’m so happy we were able to spend time with friends and especially together. This weekend was exactly what I needed.


Robyn Turns 9!

Do you know how hard it is to schedule a party when you have 4 kids with 4 different activities going on and a birthday girl that has 2 houses to celebrate at? It took some serious scheduling and the boys had to miss out because they both had baseball games in 2 different towns. Luckily we were able to send Briggs with some friends and Dylan got to his game with his mom. Monday was the only day Reegan didn’t have dance rehearsal so we planned a pool party for that evening.

On my way home from work I picked Robyn up from the usual meeting place and I surprised her with a birthday ice cap from Tim Hortons. She’s always asking for one and I never get them for the kids because they are FULL of caffeine but it was a special occasion. I was quickly reminded of why I always say no. The kid was bouncing off the walls! Good thing it was an out door party.

Robyn had over her friend Paislee, our nieces Rylea and Ruby (Robyn and Ruby share a birthday), Brandon and Morgan and Grandma Viv. She picked sloppy joes and chips for dinner and the girls had a blast!


The weather was absolutely perfect! Robyn was dying to open presents so that the first thing we did. Brad and I got her a phone case and a new bike, as Brad wheeled it out she yelled “That is such a nice bike!” Pretty safe to say she was excited about it.


She had to “take it for a rip” right away

Because it was also Ruby’s birthday we got her some presents to open too


She stood like this for about 3 minutes until the girls started opening her present for her haha


Birthday buddies!

The girls spent almost 3 hours snacking, swimming and putting on pool skits for us


Rylea enjoying Ruby’s new floaty 


Rubes wanted nothing to do with the pool.

After stuffing our faces Robyn was ready for her cake! I was pretty excited about the cake I had gotten her, it was definitely not an ordinary cake.


Pretty rad if I do say so myself 


Another birthday in the books and judging from Robyn’s random yells of “this is the best birthday party ever!” I’d have to say it was a good one.


Buh-Bye Boobies

I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t “the girl with the big boobs”.  Even at my lowest weight (under 120) I had double Ds and somehow over the years they’ve just gotten to be on the large end of that DD scale. I quite honestly think they’re bigger but I live in denial and refuse to buy bigger bras.


Pictures don’t even come close to how they look in real life.

Ive never ever liked them and a reduction has always been in the back of my mind but the thought of surgery and pain of recovery outweighed any boob issues I had. Those days are long gone. As my chest has grown, so have my issues. I now have indents in my shoulders from my bra straps, my upper back aches almost daily, my posture is getting worse, I catch myself slouching all the time and the headaches sometimes last days. Not to mention packing these bad boys around 24/7 is just plain uncomfortable!


I don’t know if this is entirely true, but 2 small turkeys sounds about right haha

About a year ago I finally decided enough was enough and I went to my Dr about my problems, within a couple months he referred me to a local plastic surgeon. The surgeon was ready to book me in before I left his office the day of the consult, but unfortunately I had to wait until I had enough sick/vacation time saved up to cover the 6 weeks I would need off work. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve got 6 weeks of no work coming my way right in the prime of summer! Some who have this surgery are able to go back to work 2-3 weeks after but because my job is so physical and there’s a ton of heavy lifting, 6 weeks it is! I had to wait a few more months before I could call back to the surgeon’s office because they couldn’t book a year in advance. The months of waiting almost killed me.

Finally in March I was able to call and they booked me in for June 28th, finally I had an actual date!!  I was over the moon!

I’ve spent the last 3 months researching the hell out of google and Pinterest reading every bit of information I can find about how to prepare, what to expect, what recovery might be like and the actual surgery itself. I’ve also talked to people I know that have had it done. One day I even made the mistake of looking up pictures on Instagram, that only terrified me.


Seriously, this is what I have to look forward to!?

Despite this horrific picture, I’m still not changing my mind because there’s so many more pros than cons to this surgery and daily reminders of why I want it just keep comin’. Like today for instance. Scrub tops that once fit me just fine, now have to strain and literally burst at the seems to get over my boobs.


Not the first top this has happened to

I can’t wait for a life where I don’t have to wear 2 bras to do any physical activity(no joke, that’s my life) or when I don’t have to buy overpriced granny bras or bathing suits. The cheap racks will finally be an option! Don’t even get me started on the whole new world of shirts I will get to experience!


If they’re flowy, you look pregnant. If they’re tight, you’re inappropriate. There’s no winning with large boobs.

I’ll finally be able to lay on my back without feeling like I’m being smothered by my own chest! I’ll get to enjoy summer without sweaty cleavage and underboob sweat stains. I will be able to throw on a sports bra and tank top instead of dressing in layers just to cover up my unsightly bra straps. I feel like the benefits are endless and I could go on forever. I’ve been waiting a year for this and now that it’s only 27 days away I can hardly contain my excitement! So stay tuned because I will most definitely be posting about this life changing experience, probably more than once.

Anyone else feel my pain or go through this experience? Please share with me!