Buh-Bye Boobies

I can’t even remember a time when I wasn’t “the girl with the big boobs”.  Even at my lowest weight (under 120) I had double Ds and somehow over the years they’ve just gotten to be on the large end of that DD scale. I quite honestly think they’re bigger but I live in denial and refuse to buy bigger bras.


Pictures don’t even come close to how they look in real life.

Ive never ever liked them and a reduction has always been in the back of my mind but the thought of surgery and pain of recovery outweighed any boob issues I had. Those days are long gone. As my chest has grown, so have my issues. I now have indents in my shoulders from my bra straps, my upper back aches almost daily, my posture is getting worse, I catch myself slouching all the time and the headaches sometimes last days. Not to mention packing these bad boys around 24/7 is just plain uncomfortable!


I don’t know if this is entirely true, but 2 small turkeys sounds about right haha

About a year ago I finally decided enough was enough and I went to my Dr about my problems, within a couple months he referred me to a local plastic surgeon. The surgeon was ready to book me in before I left his office the day of the consult, but unfortunately I had to wait until I had enough sick/vacation time saved up to cover the 6 weeks I would need off work. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve got 6 weeks of no work coming my way right in the prime of summer! Some who have this surgery are able to go back to work 2-3 weeks after but because my job is so physical and there’s a ton of heavy lifting, 6 weeks it is! I had to wait a few more months before I could call back to the surgeon’s office because they couldn’t book a year in advance. The months of waiting almost killed me.

Finally in March I was able to call and they booked me in for June 28th, finally I had an actual date!!  I was over the moon!

I’ve spent the last 3 months researching the hell out of google and Pinterest reading every bit of information I can find about how to prepare, what to expect, what recovery might be like and the actual surgery itself. I’ve also talked to people I know that have had it done. One day I even made the mistake of looking up pictures on Instagram, that only terrified me.


Seriously, this is what I have to look forward to!?

Despite this horrific picture, I’m still not changing my mind because there’s so many more pros than cons to this surgery and daily reminders of why I want it just keep comin’. Like today for instance. Scrub tops that once fit me just fine, now have to strain and literally burst at the seems to get over my boobs.


Not the first top this has happened to

I can’t wait for a life where I don’t have to wear 2 bras to do any physical activity(no joke, that’s my life) or when I don’t have to buy overpriced granny bras or bathing suits. The cheap racks will finally be an option! Don’t even get me started on the whole new world of shirts I will get to experience!


If they’re flowy, you look pregnant. If they’re tight, you’re inappropriate. There’s no winning with large boobs.

I’ll finally be able to lay on my back without feeling like I’m being smothered by my own chest! I’ll get to enjoy summer without sweaty cleavage and underboob sweat stains. I will be able to throw on a sports bra and tank top instead of dressing in layers just to cover up my unsightly bra straps. I feel like the benefits are endless and I could go on forever. I’ve been waiting a year for this and now that it’s only 27 days away I can hardly contain my excitement! So stay tuned because I will most definitely be posting about this life changing experience, probably more than once.

Anyone else feel my pain or go through this experience? Please share with me!


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