Robyn Turns 9!

Do you know how hard it is to schedule a party when you have 4 kids with 4 different activities going on and a birthday girl that has 2 houses to celebrate at? It took some serious scheduling and the boys had to miss out because they both had baseball games in 2 different towns. Luckily we were able to send Briggs with some friends and Dylan got to his game with his mom. Monday was the only day Reegan didn’t have dance rehearsal so we planned a pool party for that evening.

On my way home from work I picked Robyn up from the usual meeting place and I surprised her with a birthday ice cap from Tim Hortons. She’s always asking for one and I never get them for the kids because they are FULL of caffeine but it was a special occasion. I was quickly reminded of why I always say no. The kid was bouncing off the walls! Good thing it was an out door party.

Robyn had over her friend Paislee, our nieces Rylea and Ruby (Robyn and Ruby share a birthday), Brandon and Morgan and Grandma Viv. She picked sloppy joes and chips for dinner and the girls had a blast!


The weather was absolutely perfect! Robyn was dying to open presents so that the first thing we did. Brad and I got her a phone case and a new bike, as Brad wheeled it out she yelled “That is such a nice bike!” Pretty safe to say she was excited about it.


She had to “take it for a rip” right away

Because it was also Ruby’s birthday we got her some presents to open too


She stood like this for about 3 minutes until the girls started opening her present for her haha


Birthday buddies!

The girls spent almost 3 hours snacking, swimming and putting on pool skits for us


Rylea enjoying Ruby’s new floaty 


Rubes wanted nothing to do with the pool.

After stuffing our faces Robyn was ready for her cake! I was pretty excited about the cake I had gotten her, it was definitely not an ordinary cake.


Pretty rad if I do say so myself 


Another birthday in the books and judging from Robyn’s random yells of “this is the best birthday party ever!” I’d have to say it was a good one.


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