What A Weekend

This weekend was one for the books. It was packed full of activities and it was a blast! We were supposed to have kids but we had a wedding and we wanted a chance to take the kids camping on a different weekend before surgery so we talked with our co-parents and worked it out so we could do both by switching weekends around. This is something that usually happens in the summer just to accommodate everyone’s activities. It’s seriously harder than you’d think but in the end works out for everyone.

We kicked this weekend off with Reegan’s dance recital on Friday night which we were almost late for because Brad needed a hair cut and it took way longer than it should have. Then when he tried to leave, the vehicle wouldn’t start so I had to drive his dirty smelly work van uptown to boost the battery. We quickly drive home so Brad could change and we were on our way. Or so I thought. Ten minutes down the highway I realized I had forgotten the recital tickets! Ugghhh back home we went. We were so behind and I still needed to stop and get Reegan flowers and I was starving! We hit Walmart once we were in the city and decided to divide and conquer. I went to find flowers and Brad went to McDonald’s. I finished in about 5 minutes, Brad was still waiting to order. What we thought would be a quick “fast” food stop turned into a 20 minute wait! I could’ve cooked burgers faster than that.  Finally we got our order and beelined it for the theatrethe recital was being held at. Lucky for us the show didn’t start right on time and we were able to make it before the lights went off.


Her Jazz dance

Reegan had 2 dances to perform, a jazz and a tap and she was incredible in both of them. She looks like a totally different kid on stage, it totally blows me away. I love watching her year end recitals.

Saturday was the wedding day of our friends Jason and Ashley (who we are both distantly related to). It was a beautiful day but there were clouds in the distance. Rain on your wedding day is good luck though right? After a slight argument with Brad about why he couldn’t wear his leather biking vest, we were dressed up and ready to go.


But guess what….our vehicle wouldn’t start!! I was starting to get really frustrated. After about 15 minutes of it being hooked up to the battery charger, it finally started.

It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony complete with a cookie and juice bar. Adorable! The clouds rolled in and it started to rain a little. Just as Ashley got out of the limo the rain let up, the sun started shining and it was perfect. And so was she! Jason didn’t look so bad either.


When we left the ceremony our vehicle once again wouldn’t start and we had to find someone to give us a boost. That was it! We went straight to Canadian Tire and bought a new battery where Brad changed it in the parking lot. Problem solved! It started right up. We hung around the city running little errands until it was time for the wedding cocktails and dinner.  The hall looked absolutely beautiful and the food was soooo delicious.


We spent the night drinking and dancing our butts off with our friends and it was one of the funnest nights I have had in a long time. There were some friends going back to our town so we caught a ride home and left our vehicle in the city. The abundance of drinks had kicked Brad’s butt and he was one sick man all the way home and for about an hour after haha the poor guy even slept on the bathroom floor.

Sunday was Father’s Day and we had plans of riding the street bike down to the states. We woke up not feeling so hot. Brad way more than me. It took us awhile to get our bearings and even a few second guesses about actually going but we had both been looking forward to it so we sucked it up and started getting ready. Brad only threw up a couple times in the process haha it was warm so we only packed a couple extra jackets and we were on our way with the hopes the wind in our faces would make us feel better. It didn’t. We made it to the border in about an hour and we weren’t feeling good and it was cold. We both put on our coats and  continued on. We were soon frozen and starving. We stopped for lunch about an hour later in St. Mary’s Montana at a hotel we had eaten at last year.


It’s so cute and rustic, I want to live in it. 


Other than the caution tape, our lunch view was gorgeous!

We debated if we should continue on to the Going To The Sun Road like we had wanted because it was so cold but knew we would be sad if we didn’t. I’m glad we did. It didn’t get any warmer but the view along this road is so amazing, I’m never disappointed.



We even got to stop on the side of the road and watch a HUGE grizzly bear up on the cliffs above us! Other people that were there said they saw another bear and 2 cubs down the road but we missed those ones. I tried to get a picture of the grizzly but it was far away and turned out pretty blurry.


That big brown blurr is the bear.

We rode as far as we could up the road until we were too cold and decided to turn around and head for home. We probably could have gotten a lot further if we had been dressed for the Montana weather instead of the warm Alberta weather.


Ice cubes

We stopped in St Mary’s again to get gas and Brad’s favorite American treats for his Father’s Day present, caramel bugels and cheap coors original. How beer was even on his mind after the night before I’ll never know haha


He was so excited 

We had such a fun and busy weekend and I’m so happy we were able to spend time with friends and especially together. This weekend was exactly what I needed.


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