Bike Trip Day 3 & 4…..The Oregon Coast

We finally made it to the coast!! We have seen and done so many cool things in the last 2 days, I can’t get into many details or this would be a book, I just had to share the awesome things we’ve done so far.

DAY 3: Right after we passed into Oregon, we stopped at the famous Multnoma Falls. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and they definitely did not disappoint. They were stunning!



We eventually made the hike up to the bridge in the background.

It was still unbelievably hot out and we decided to stop for lunch soon after to get some cold drinks in us. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but they had happy hour jello shots (how could we not partake?)  and some really cool locals that Brad made friends with. So far, everywhere we’ve gone has been great! We were getting pretty impatient to get to the ocean so we finished eating and headed to Astoria as quick as we could. This was our first stop on the official “Oregon Coast Tour” and when we hit city limits there was a lot of hollaring and cheering.

I couldn’t believe the view from our hotel!


Right off our balcony

We didn’t waste time unpacking and heading off on foot to find the local watering hole. On the way we decided we were going to spend the night doing our own pub crawl through the town. By midnight we had made it to only 2 pubs and we were all beat. We had such a blast though and met some of the coolest and friendliest people. I fell in love with Astoria.


First pub


Second pub


Our fav bartender

DAY 4: We woke up feeling the effects of our mini pub crawl and headed to the hotels complimentary breakfast. It was an outdoor BBQ with homemade breakfast burritos. Seriously, I want to live here. Before leaving town we wanted to drive over the huge bridge we could see over the ocean and find the house that the movie The Goonies was filmed at.


Found it! Unfortunately the owners don’t take kindly to onlookers and we couldn’t get very close.

Our next stop was the town of Seaside. We hit the beach at low tide and tried to find some starfish. We didn’t find any but we did see some other cool stuff and collected a couple sand dollars.




It was a super foggy morning and we were happy to see it lifting.

We got some lunch, and couple souvenirs for the girls and continued on to Ecola State Park. This was another place The Goonies was filmed at and I was so excited to go.


The road to the beach was GORGEOUS


After changing into shorts and flip flops, we spent an hour or so playing in the water and on the rocks looking for sea creatures.



Check out those green sea urchins!

On our way back down the beach we ran into a local that taught us how to catch crabs! As I walked out into the ocean for a closer look at one, a wave took me by surprise and soaked me! I went running back to shore and made Brad and Adam do all the catching.



After changing into dry clothes, we headed to Tillamook for dinner at the cheese factory where they serve the BEST grilled cheese and tomato soup. I’m not exaggerating, it was the best!


Haystack rock from the highway. Also featured in The Goonies.



Cheese sample bar


We ate dinner and headed for our destination town Lincon City. The sun was going down and it was getting awfully cold. By the time we got to our hotel, I felt like an ice cube. Brad and Adam headed out to a nearby casino and Jess and I enjoyed the time to shower and do some laundry. The boys weren’t gone long and once again, we were all in bed before midnight.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for us!


West Coast Day 1 & 2

Last summer, after a short four day bike trip to the states, Brad and I and our friends Adam and Jess decided this summer we were going to plan a bike trip down the west coast as far into California as we had time for. The day has come and here’s a recap of our first 2 days.

DAY 1: We started from home with the goal of getting to our prebooked hotel in Thompson Falls Montana about 5 and a half hours away. We of course crossed over Logan’s Pass once out of Canada.




Our first stop was for dinner on the other side of the pass at a biker bar called Packers Roost. We stopped here last year and I loved it!


Inside, the walls are covered in dollar bills that people have signed so we decided this year we better add to it.


We had a really late start to the day so after dinner we hauled ass to our destination, stopping only for gas and bathroom breaks. About 10:30 pm, well after dark, we finally arrived in Thompson Falls. It was the cutest little motel!




Everyone was exhausted so it didn’t take long before we were all out for the night.

DAY 2: We were up way earlier than planned thanks to Adams alarm. We spent the morning getting tickets to Garth Brooks concert in September (super stoked when we got some!) and then packed up and headed for breakfast at a delicious diner down the road. We weren’t in a huge hurry today so we were able to make some stops on the way to our next destination of Yakima Washington. We made our way out of Montana and into Idaho. We stopped at a few roadside pubs which were really cool!


The goldmine bar. It had a an actual gold mine in it!



It was full of John Wayne memoriablia 

The next place we stopped was called the Snake Pit. It is the oldest bar in Idaho.


It also used to be a brothel haha


They had great pie! 

We made it through Idaho and into Washington where I’m almost positive we rode through the Sahara desert. It was 43 degrees Celsius with sporadic bodies of water, miles apart from each other.


By the time we got to Yakima we all crispy fried and wanting to die. We checked in and headed for dinner and a place called Bills place, it was soooo delicious. We headed back to the hotel to sit pool side and enjoy our evening with some much needed relaxation.


The view from our balcony 

See ya in a few days!


Cliff Jumping In Montana

Between, surgery and upcoming vacations, we’ve hard a hard time finding a day to take the kids over Logan’s Pass like we’ve been promising them, so we ended up having to squeeze it into an already eventful weekend (Sunday of or town celebration weekend). Our niece and nephew were here for the weekend so we got permission from their mom to take them as well. Dylan and Robyn are the only kids who have been over the Pass before and they were so little, they don’t remember much.

Bright and early Sunday morning we drug our exhausted kids out of bed and hit the road. Just me, Brad and 6 kids. Aren’t we brave? Haha

The boarder took longer than expected but we made it through and our first stop was lunch at a little sandwich shop in St Mary’s, which Joey referred to as “a ghetto subway”. The prices were certainly not ghetto, we spent $95 on 8 sandwiches. Sandwhiches!! We ate quick, bought some snacks and continued on our trek. As we climbed the Pass, the kids got more and more excited and once the thick trees gave away to mountain cliffs, the kids minds were blown! We pulled off into a turn out as soon as we could so they could get a better look at the view.



As we carried on down the road, the kids thought the snow mounds they kept seeing were so cool and once again we had to pull over so they could play in snow in July.




It didn’t take us long to reach the peak of the mountain and start coming down the other side. The kids were in awe of the waterfalls everywhere and Robyn hung out the side window most of the time. Reegan joined her just in time for the main weeping wall and Brad was able to get our vehicle close enough that it splashed the girls with freezing mountain water. We made it to the bottom and the beginning of the river that runs along the highway. Once again, the excited chatter in our vehicle was so fun to hear. We finally came to the spot we wanted to cliff jump but because Brad didn’t listen to me when I pointed out a parking spot (does any man really listen?) we ended up driving up and down the highway about 3 times more than we needed to.

It was a bit of a hike, and I’m not going to lie, we hopped a few rails and ignored a few signs, but was it ever worth it!


Look at that water!

Brad and the kids spent hours swimming and jumping while I sat on a shallow rock only half submerged in water because my incisions were not healed enough for me to swim.






We eventually had our fill of this spot and decided to try one we had passed on the way here. It had far more people at it but it was just as gorgeous!



This cliff was much higher than the first spot.

On the way back over the mountain we made a stop some balconies in a tunnel and a little water fall, we also decided to pull in at the peak and tour through the information centre.IMG_2424


We wadered around checking out the building and the scenery behind it until we decided we were too exhausted to do much more and we headed for home.


I thought for sure the kids all would’ve fallen asleep on the drive home and I’d get some peace and quiet but no such luck. I was over tired and couldn’t get home fast enough but listening to my kids excitedly laugh, joke and talk with their cousins and repeatedly thank us for taking them totally made it worth the bags I was going to have under my eyes.


Town Celebration 2017

Every July our little town has its annual weekend celebration, it usually lands on a weekend our kids are not with us but we switched weekends this year because we like having them for it and the kids don’t like missing it.

We kicked it off on Friday evening with the rodeo. Dylan, Reegan and Robyn along with friends put 2 teams of 3 together and entered in the wild pony race. This is where they have to hang on to a rope tied to the wild pony, try to somewhat catch it, and one kid has to get on and ride it. As soon as you let go of the rope you’re done. The girls were so nervous and it showed because they didn’t get very far out of the gate and ended up disappointed in themselves.


But they looked adorable doing it

Dylan’s team got a little further but they were still unsuccessful at getting on the pony. We hung around to watch the little kids ride sheep and then headed home so Brad and I could get ready to meet friends at the beer gardens.

Reegan and Robyn had their first ever babysitting job for our friends Cody and Cara (they had just moved to our town that day!) and the boys invited a friend and their cousins Jazz and Joey over to hang out for the night. We had told ourselves we were only staying until 11 because we didn’t want to be out all night and feel like crap for the long day ahead. As soon as we were with friends and had a few drinks, those plans changed haha we had so much fun visiting with friends, some we barely ever see, and listening to the live music


We have some amazing local talent

We finally made it home just after 1am with 2 very tired little girls we had picked up on the way. Don’t worry, we had a sober driver. I made me and the kids some chicken nuggets and we all headed to bed.

9am Saturday morning came way too early and I was not at all impressed with the self inflicted headache I had haha We all drug ourselves out of bed and got ready for the morning parade, Dylan left earlier than the rest of us because he was riding his dirt bike in it and had to find his place in line. We picked up Jazz and Joey from Brads parents house and met friends and family at our usual corner.


Candy catchers

Afterewards, I gathered up all the kids and Brad headed to the city with his brother Brandon to pick up their dad who got a day pass from the hospital. Hooray! We had planned a family BBQ at Brads parents acerage so after a stop at home to get my food contribution and Dylan, we headed out there for an afternoon of good food and family time.


It was great to have dad home for a day


Uncle Brad taking Rylea for her first dirt bike ride


I couldn’t resist this picture of Briggs doubling Joey

Later in the afternoon we took the kids to the football field where there’s local vendors, food trucks, games and petting zoo.


It was incredibly hot and it didn’t take long for the kids to want to leave and go swimming. I offered to take them bridge jumping and they were all over it. Brad opted to stay home and nap so away the kids and I went. It was the perfect day for it. I dropped the 4 older kids off at the first bridge so they could float the canal down to the second bridge where me and the 2 little girls waited for them. It didn’t take them long to get to us and they excitedly started jumping. Everyone but Robyn and Briggs anyway. It took Robyn about 20 minutes to work up the courage to jump and then she loved it! Briggs fear of heights got the best of him and he never did jump.


The kids spent the rest of the evening between the grandparents house and ours until it was dark and time for the fireworks.

We met Brads parents at the field where they were held. It was a great display this year! After they were over Brad drove his dad back to the hospital and I drove Viv, Jazz and Joey back to the acerage. I knew I was running on fumes all day but I kept forgetting to stop for gas.  My luck ran out on the way home and I totally ran out of gas on a dark country road right by the graveyard. This is what horror movies are made out of haha needless to say, the little ones were not impressed. I coasted to the stop sign at the highway and Briggs and Dylan pushed so we got enough speed to pull into the nearby fishpond. I called a few people but got no answer so I figured I’d lock the vehicle and we could walk home. I was nervous about leaving the vehicle overnight because there’s been a recent spree of vehicle theft in our town. Briggs suddenly piped up about his friend Clayton probably having a gas can at his house (our towns one gas station was already closed) so Briggs called him and sure enough, Clay and his mom came to our rescue! I had him put in just enough to get us home so we booted it through town. Brad arrived home awhile later and everyone immediately fell asleep totally exhausted from late nights and a very long day.

Another great weekend in the books with lots of great stories to tell.


The Breast Decision I’ve Ever Made

See what I did there? Haha By the way, I think I’m hilarious!

This past Wednesday marks 3 weeks since surgery and for the most part, I’m feeling fantastic! I’m sure those who see my social media posts think I’m living on easy street so I thought I’d give some insight on how recovery has been going.

WEEK 1: Obviously this was the worst week. I spent most of my time laying in bed, watching tv and bossing my family around because I couldn’t do anything. Ok, maybe that doesn’t sound so bad haha I got out of bed and walked around the house as much as I could and by day 3, I even ventured to the neighbouring town for their Canada Day fireworks. I immediately went home and popped some pain killers. My sleeping situation was the worst! I could only sleep on my back in a semi sitting position which made for an incredibly sore back every morning. I’d wake up with worse back pain than boob pain!


My home made pillow chair. Looks comfy but really was not.

Showering was a ridiculous chore this week. I was allowed to shower but couldn’t get shampoo in my incisions so I had to lean way back to rinse my hair and I couldn’t raise my arms above my head to shampoo so I had to awkwardly lean to the side while holding my boobs with one arm because it hurt to not support them. I was told no strenuous activities but that’s pretty much all showering was! Haha I went grocery shopping with Brad on day 5 and came home wanting to die. I may have over done it a little. I was soooo sore.  I had a follow up appointment with my plastic surgeon on the next Wednesday. I was still pretty sore but already better than I expected so it called for some bathing suit shopping before my appointment. My Dr. said everything was looking really great and he was really happy with the result. I had another week ahead of me with stitches and steri strips but he explained how to remove them and said I could take them out myself or go to my family doctor if I wanted. He also said another 2 weeks and I could swim and wear normal bras. By the end of week one I was down to taking 1 T3 whenever I felt I needed it instead of 2, twice a day.

WEEK 2: I woke up on day 8 feeling amazing! I showered with no pain, blow dryed my hair effortlessly and got packed up for a wedding! It only lasted a day. The next morning I was right back to feeling sore and uncomfortable. I still had to sleep on my back, so like a dork, I had to bring several pillows with me to the wedding. My kids were still having to come get my clothes off the top shelf of my closet and open and close all windows and carry anything remotely heavy. I was also still rocking a sports bra 24/7. Even to the pool haha I didn’t care though, I was just happy to be at the pool! The 2 week mark hit and I took my steri strips off and had Brad try and take my stitches out like I thought the doctor had explained. After getting nowhere I contacted a nurse I know from or towns clinic and found out I didn’t actually have to take any stitches out. I just had to cut the fishing wire like ends off flush with my skin and they would dissolve! We almost messed up big time. I was happy to be able to finally wash my incisions and get the crusted blood off. This week consisted of my first motor bike ride which was great except I spent most of the ride holding my boobs down the bumpy highway. I was also able to finally start driving instead of having Briggs drive me everywhere.

WEEK 3: I was not prepared for what happened when I took my steri strips off. I’ve spent the last week with hyper sensitive nipples! Without the strips my bra rubs on them and it burns like nothing I’ve ever felt before! So I’ve taken to taping make up removal pads over my nipples. It looks great haha and I spend a lot of time icing them, it seems to take away the burning.


My best friends right now

I’ve stopped sleeping on my back, mostly because I couldn’t take it anymore. I started out sleeping with a pillow under my side to prop me up a bit but the last couple nights I’ve been able to sleep like I normally do. It’s like heaven and my back and tail bone appreciate it. Still wearing a sports bra although I did get away with a bathing suit at the pool. I’ve stopped taking pain killers all together but I am still sore, some days more than others. I still have to watch what I lift but for the most part I’m able to do normal little chores around the house and showering isn’t the pain it the butt it was at the beginning.

Im going into week 4 and feeling pretty good about it. Pain is minimal, my nipples aren’t as sore and my incisions are healing very nicely. Oh and did I mention that when I take my bra off there’s no sagging?? They just stay right where they are! I didn’t even have that in high school. It’s amazing!


With time they’ll fade to white

My kids and husband have been so great. They do what I need and the kids have loved having me home for the summer. Behind the swimming and bike trip pictures everyone has been seeing, there’s pain, ice packs and a lot of holding my own boobs, it’s not all fun and games haha I have been enjoying making the most of my time off these last 3 weeks and I intend to do it for the next 3.


Montana Day Adventure

A couple weeks ago my dad went out and bought himself a Harley and he’s been dying to ride over Logan’s pass in Montana with us. So seeing as we had no kids and no plans for this past Saturday, we made a plan. Logan’s Pass/Going to the Sun Road, is absolutely stunning! It’s about an hour and a half from our house to the start of it and we like to get there as much as possible. It starts at St. Mary’s Montana and ends around West Glacier National Park, I think it takes about an hour to get over it but I’ve honestly never paid attention haha

Saturday morning my dad arrived at our house about 10am and after gasing up, we hit the road about 10:30. The weather was perfect and I was able to wear a tank top so I could get my tan on. We hit the boarder at a good time and there was hardly a wait. In Montana it’s not a law to wear helmets, so much to my dad’s horror, Brad and I took ours off and stuffed them in our saddle bags.

We stopped for gas again in St Mary’s (the tank on our bike is pretty small) and headed for the park entrance. The man in the booth told us it was $25 per bike or $50 for a year pass which would get us and my dad in that day. We knew we would be coming back at least 2 more times before the season was over so we opted for the pass and we were on our way!


It’s gorgeous from beginning to end.

My dad hasn’t been over the pass in years so I was pretty excited to be making this trip with him. Plus I think he’s adorable on his bike.


I did my best to get some pictures of him over my shoulder 

This Pass has the prettiest waterfalls all along the side of the road and weeping walls from all the snow run off. I could drive this road every day and still be amazed.




We made it to the peak of the mountain pretty quickly and because there’s still a bit of snow, I got a little chilled in my tank top (The summit also happens to be a continental divide) I was kind of surprised at how much snow there still was and on the way down we pulled over right beside a huge snow bank that was giving off cold air like crazy.



Me and my pops

The closer we got to the bottom, the warmer it started to get and by the time we were on flat road it was hot. We road along the river for quite a ways and it was so blue it looked like listerine. As we entered West Glacier it started to rain a tiny bit but only lasted a minute. We opted to stop for lunch at a place across the highway from the park that we thought was a pizza place. At least it was last year. We got the menus and found out that was no longer the case, pizza wasn’t even an option anymore. We all ordered the mushroom burger which was good but after seeing the colour of the patties and the rice in them, we were pretty sure it was not a beef burger like we were expecting.

My dad told us he didn’t want to go home the same way so we decided on a different route which was longer but different scenery. We headed down another road called Mariahs Pass. It’s a flat road but still beautiful with lots of turns so it keeps it interesting.


We arrived in East Glacier where we stopped for gas again and then headed over the Two Medicine Road, also called Looking Glass Pass. This may have been the sketchiest road I’ve ever been on. It was incredibly narrow and curvy with blind corners everywhere, and some places had a straight drop off with no barriers. Not to mention, it was horrifically bumpy and uneven. It made for a very interesting ride and I spent most of the time holding my already sore boobs haha


This road led us right back into St Mary’s, we had made a full circle! We stopped for a quick bathroom break and headed for the boarder. Once through, we put our helmets on and my dad offered to switch us bikes for the ride home. What a difference! Riding on the Harley was like riding on a couch!

We made it back home after a 7 and a half hour ride. I was beat and my butt was sore but I was happy to have had the day with my dad.


To Have And To Hold…In The Middle Of Nowhere

Brad was asked to be a groomsmen for his distant relative and good friend Cody, so this past Thursday, late afternoon, the 2 of us (it wasnt our weekend with the kids) headed off on a 3 hour drive to the middle of nowhere Alberta. When I say nowhere, I’m not even kidding, we we’re out in the boonies. We camped at a random campground about 5 minutes down the road from a town called Buffalo. Actually, it wasn’t even a town. It was 3 buildings.  A church, a post office and a hall. The next closest town was about half an hour away and it consisted of a gas station.


A serious “one horse town”

Our friends Jason and Ashley (also in the line up) were super nice and offered to share their camping trailer with us so we didn’t have to haul ours there.

Along the way, I saw a HUGE sign on the side of the road that said watch for snakes on the road. I have a HUGE snake phobia. This did not sound like a place I wanted to be going. We arrived later than expected due to stops along the way that took longer than we had wanted but we were excited to finally join our friends and get the weekend started. I was a little bummed when I saw just a bunch of men and found out Ashley and the bride, Cara, were spending the night elsewhere. Thank goodness the grooms sister and sister in law were there still. The night was spent playing beersbee and catching up around the campfire.

Saturday morning we were up at 8:30am despite saying we were going to sleep until Cody came to wake us up. It was already hotter than hell and the guys were not excited for the climbing temperature and long sleeves and jeans they would be wearing. We were all thankful the reception hall had air conditioning even though Brad just had to make the remark “with our luck, it’ll break”. Cody arrived with a horse trailer full of decorations, as the ceremony was being held at the campground, and we did our best to finish off the decorating.


Soon after, Brad and the rest of the groomsmen left for Cody’s house to get ready and then head off for pictures before the ceremony at 4. This left me with hours and hours to myself. Brad felt bad for having to leave me alone but anyone that knows me, knows I love being alone. I took a 2 hour nap, sat out in the sun and read a book, ate some lunch and pretty much just enjoyed the quiet relaxation before I had to start getting myself ready.

Finally, it was go time. I walked down to the ceremony site and almost died of heat stroke after 2 minutes of being there! It was easily +36 degrees Celsius and no shade in site. I met up with Cody’s sister and we found somewhere to sit just long enough to watch everyone walk down the aisle and then we darted for some shade on the sidelines.

Everyone looked awesome! It was a cowboy wedding through and through, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Brad. Does he ever make a good lookin’ cowboy!!


Am I right? Or am I right!?


The groom’s and groomsmen’s arrival


Horse drawn wagon for the ladies


After the ceremony, people flocked to the shade and the buckets of ice filled with water and beer. We all took our turns congratulating the newlyweds and taking pictures in the props and with each other.


My favourite 


Brad and the groom

We were more than happy when it came time to head to the reception hall where the A/C and food were waiting for us. As we pulled up I saw a buffalo statue outside and instantly knew someone would be getting on it before the night was over. The hall looked great! Cara had put so much work and detail into her decor. I loved it all but we soon realized it was way too hot for a building that was supposed to be air conditioned.



I sat with Cody’s mom and sisters for the dinner (side note: I used to babysit Cody and his siblings haha) and we soon learned the A/C had broke! Naturally we blamed Brad. He had to have jinxed it with his comment the day before. We did some serious sweating through the dinner and I was so happy it was mostly cold salads instead of hot and heavy meal. It was so hot some of the desserts had the icing melting right off.  Eventually Cody’s dad and brother in law fixed the problem but it wasn’t soon enough to totally alleviate the heat in the building and it was still pretty hot for the rest of the night but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time.


I knew this would happen!




Jason, Ashley, Brad and I decided we were ready to head back to camp and hangout. After getting into our Pjs, Ashley suddenly remembered there was a sparkler send off at midnight for the bride and groom! We had about 5 minutes to get back to the hall for it which meant no time to change back into nice clothes, so in our pajaymas we went to see the couple off.


Sunday morning we actually managed to sleep in a bit before one of the groomsmen came shaking the camper and offering coffee. After a morning visit we all headed back to the hall to clean up and pack decorations back into the horse trailer.


The poor cake did not fair well in the heat.

Once the hall was empty, Brad and I said our goodbyes and headed out for our 3 hour drive home, totally exhausted and sore from the last 2 nights on a camper mattress.

To think, I almost stayed home and missed this special day and all these fun times. My incisions are a little on the sore side but my heart is full! Bonus, I didn’t see 1 snake!

Congratulations Cody and Cara!!


Surgery And The Aftermath

I did it! I finally went through with the breast reduction surgery I’ve been wanting for years! And it feels great….ish. Other than the burning and constant uncomfortable feeling, I’m incredibly excited for when the recovery is behind me.

Bright and early (6:30am) Wednesday morning I checked into the hospital for surgery. I was sent up to preop and was immediately put into a curtained room where I had to change into a hospital gown and housecoat. The nurse applied some hideous compression stockings and paper hospital slippers, asked a bunch of questions, and started an IV to keep me hydrated. This was my least favourite part, I can’t stand getting an IV.


Quite the look haha

Brad had taken the day off to drive me and I was very grateful for his company, it kept my anxiety at a minimum. My surgery was scheduled for 9:10am but shortly before I was set to go, the nurse informed us that an emergency surgery had come in and mine would be pushed back. Poor Brad was already tired of waiting so he climbed into my hospital bed with me and we napped it out.


It was a very squishy sleep

I think we slept for about an hour and when we woke up Brad was worried about parking tickets. He asked the nurse an approximate wait time and when she said a few hours still I told him to go move the vehicle and make the Tim Hortons run he was dying for. About 10 minutes after he left, my nurse and a porter came to take me to surgery, go figure. I quickly texted Brad to tell him I’d see him in about 3 hours.


Before going into the OR the DR came in to answer any questions I had and to make his markings. He literally drew all over my chest in sharpie. Off to the OR I went. The nurses moved me to the operating table and started giving me drugs through my IV. I was told I was being given something so I wouldn’t be so nervous, I instantly felt weird. I asked the nurse if she gave me Ativan, when she said yes, I replied “I thought so because I’m high as a kite right now”. And that was it.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was over and done with. It felt like I had dozed off for 5 minutes. I could feel a burning across my chest and what felt like a fat lip. The nurse said I probably bit down on the tube that had been in my throat. I was soooo groggy but I wasn’t nauseated like I thought I was going to be. In fact, I was starving! I was wheeled back to my room in preop and as soon as I heard Brads voice I asked if he brought me chicken fingers (I had previously requested them from the hospital cafeteria because they’re delicious). Unfortunately he had not. I spent the next hour drinking ginger ale, eating baby cookies and having my vitals checked. Loaded up on Tylenol 3, I was ready to go home, but first I made Brad push me to the 4th floor to visit his dad. He also checked the cafeteria for chicken fingers but they were closed! After a short visit, we headed home.

As soon as I was in the vehicle weaving through the city, I started feeling sick and couldn’t wait to get to my bed. Not without a stop at McDonald’s for some nuggets though haha

I felt way better by the time we got home and I happily spent the rest of the evening eating chicken nuggets, pizza brought over by my friend Jessica, and watching movies with Brad.

Briggs was the only kid at home as he had final exams all week and he was a huge help while Brad was at work. He got me breakfast and lunch and drinks since I can’t raise my arms or lift anything. He’s also been doing chores for me.

I had to wear a HUGE bandage for the first 24 hours and I couldn’t wait for Brad to get home Thursday afternoon to help me take them off so I could switch over to a sports bra and start icing them.


I couldn’t believe how incredibly painful and hard it was to get that bandage off!! It was stuck on to my skin somethin fierce and it actually even tore a little bit of my skin off with it on one side. I was so curious to see what my boobs looked like now. They were definitely smaller, and they stayed in exactly the same spot! They were most certainly not pretty though.


This is the shape of my incision 

I’ve now got lumpy, blood crusted, taped up breasts. I know it’ll take a few weeks for the swelling to go down and for them to be a normal shape so for now I’m trying not to look at them too much because it freaks me out.

Last night I had Brad fill the tub half way so I could sit in it and then he sponge bathed my upper half with soap recommended by the hospital. It felt good to get somewhat clean but we couldn’t get the tape residue or the iodine stains off. I really am looking forward to being able to wash my hair instead of living off dry shampoo.

So far the pain hasn’t been anything unbearable, just soreness and what feels like bruised ribs, I’ve managed to only have to take 1 T3 about once a day. Today (day 4) I’m feeling more swollen so I’ve been cuddling ice packs all morning.  I have to sleep on my back for 2-3 weeks and this is already killing me only 3 nights in. I’ve been getting up frequently but I think it’s time to maybe take a short walk outside.

Looks wise, I don’t think much has changed. They still look as gross as they did when I took the bandages off. They’re is still a little pocket off swollen gross fluid that needs to drain either on its own or the Dr. has to do it. Some plastic surgeons have drains that you have to wear for a week, for whatever reason, mine doesn’t do them. I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday so I guess something will be done about the pocket then. I hope.


Some under boob for ya.

It’s going to be awhile before they’re even close to “back to normal” so now all I can do is sit back and enjoy being waited on and my 6 weeks of summer holidays!