Surgery And The Aftermath

I did it! I finally went through with the breast reduction surgery I’ve been wanting for years! And it feels great….ish. Other than the burning and constant uncomfortable feeling, I’m incredibly excited for when the recovery is behind me.

Bright and early (6:30am) Wednesday morning I checked into the hospital for surgery. I was sent up to preop and was immediately put into a curtained room where I had to change into a hospital gown and housecoat. The nurse applied some hideous compression stockings and paper hospital slippers, asked a bunch of questions, and started an IV to keep me hydrated. This was my least favourite part, I can’t stand getting an IV.


Quite the look haha

Brad had taken the day off to drive me and I was very grateful for his company, it kept my anxiety at a minimum. My surgery was scheduled for 9:10am but shortly before I was set to go, the nurse informed us that an emergency surgery had come in and mine would be pushed back. Poor Brad was already tired of waiting so he climbed into my hospital bed with me and we napped it out.


It was a very squishy sleep

I think we slept for about an hour and when we woke up Brad was worried about parking tickets. He asked the nurse an approximate wait time and when she said a few hours still I told him to go move the vehicle and make the Tim Hortons run he was dying for. About 10 minutes after he left, my nurse and a porter came to take me to surgery, go figure. I quickly texted Brad to tell him I’d see him in about 3 hours.


Before going into the OR the DR came in to answer any questions I had and to make his markings. He literally drew all over my chest in sharpie. Off to the OR I went. The nurses moved me to the operating table and started giving me drugs through my IV. I was told I was being given something so I wouldn’t be so nervous, I instantly felt weird. I asked the nurse if she gave me Ativan, when she said yes, I replied “I thought so because I’m high as a kite right now”. And that was it.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was over and done with. It felt like I had dozed off for 5 minutes. I could feel a burning across my chest and what felt like a fat lip. The nurse said I probably bit down on the tube that had been in my throat. I was soooo groggy but I wasn’t nauseated like I thought I was going to be. In fact, I was starving! I was wheeled back to my room in preop and as soon as I heard Brads voice I asked if he brought me chicken fingers (I had previously requested them from the hospital cafeteria because they’re delicious). Unfortunately he had not. I spent the next hour drinking ginger ale, eating baby cookies and having my vitals checked. Loaded up on Tylenol 3, I was ready to go home, but first I made Brad push me to the 4th floor to visit his dad. He also checked the cafeteria for chicken fingers but they were closed! After a short visit, we headed home.

As soon as I was in the vehicle weaving through the city, I started feeling sick and couldn’t wait to get to my bed. Not without a stop at McDonald’s for some nuggets though haha

I felt way better by the time we got home and I happily spent the rest of the evening eating chicken nuggets, pizza brought over by my friend Jessica, and watching movies with Brad.

Briggs was the only kid at home as he had final exams all week and he was a huge help while Brad was at work. He got me breakfast and lunch and drinks since I can’t raise my arms or lift anything. He’s also been doing chores for me.

I had to wear a HUGE bandage for the first 24 hours and I couldn’t wait for Brad to get home Thursday afternoon to help me take them off so I could switch over to a sports bra and start icing them.


I couldn’t believe how incredibly painful and hard it was to get that bandage off!! It was stuck on to my skin somethin fierce and it actually even tore a little bit of my skin off with it on one side. I was so curious to see what my boobs looked like now. They were definitely smaller, and they stayed in exactly the same spot! They were most certainly not pretty though.


This is the shape of my incision 

I’ve now got lumpy, blood crusted, taped up breasts. I know it’ll take a few weeks for the swelling to go down and for them to be a normal shape so for now I’m trying not to look at them too much because it freaks me out.

Last night I had Brad fill the tub half way so I could sit in it and then he sponge bathed my upper half with soap recommended by the hospital. It felt good to get somewhat clean but we couldn’t get the tape residue or the iodine stains off. I really am looking forward to being able to wash my hair instead of living off dry shampoo.

So far the pain hasn’t been anything unbearable, just soreness and what feels like bruised ribs, I’ve managed to only have to take 1 T3 about once a day. Today (day 4) I’m feeling more swollen so I’ve been cuddling ice packs all morning.  I have to sleep on my back for 2-3 weeks and this is already killing me only 3 nights in. I’ve been getting up frequently but I think it’s time to maybe take a short walk outside.

Looks wise, I don’t think much has changed. They still look as gross as they did when I took the bandages off. They’re is still a little pocket off swollen gross fluid that needs to drain either on its own or the Dr. has to do it. Some plastic surgeons have drains that you have to wear for a week, for whatever reason, mine doesn’t do them. I have a follow up appointment on Wednesday so I guess something will be done about the pocket then. I hope.


Some under boob for ya.

It’s going to be awhile before they’re even close to “back to normal” so now all I can do is sit back and enjoy being waited on and my 6 weeks of summer holidays!


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