To Have And To Hold…In The Middle Of Nowhere

Brad was asked to be a groomsmen for his distant relative and good friend Cody, so this past Thursday, late afternoon, the 2 of us (it wasnt our weekend with the kids) headed off on a 3 hour drive to the middle of nowhere Alberta. When I say nowhere, I’m not even kidding, we we’re out in the boonies. We camped at a random campground about 5 minutes down the road from a town called Buffalo. Actually, it wasn’t even a town. It was 3 buildings.  A church, a post office and a hall. The next closest town was about half an hour away and it consisted of a gas station.


A serious “one horse town”

Our friends Jason and Ashley (also in the line up) were super nice and offered to share their camping trailer with us so we didn’t have to haul ours there.

Along the way, I saw a HUGE sign on the side of the road that said watch for snakes on the road. I have a HUGE snake phobia. This did not sound like a place I wanted to be going. We arrived later than expected due to stops along the way that took longer than we had wanted but we were excited to finally join our friends and get the weekend started. I was a little bummed when I saw just a bunch of men and found out Ashley and the bride, Cara, were spending the night elsewhere. Thank goodness the grooms sister and sister in law were there still. The night was spent playing beersbee and catching up around the campfire.

Saturday morning we were up at 8:30am despite saying we were going to sleep until Cody came to wake us up. It was already hotter than hell and the guys were not excited for the climbing temperature and long sleeves and jeans they would be wearing. We were all thankful the reception hall had air conditioning even though Brad just had to make the remark “with our luck, it’ll break”. Cody arrived with a horse trailer full of decorations, as the ceremony was being held at the campground, and we did our best to finish off the decorating.


Soon after, Brad and the rest of the groomsmen left for Cody’s house to get ready and then head off for pictures before the ceremony at 4. This left me with hours and hours to myself. Brad felt bad for having to leave me alone but anyone that knows me, knows I love being alone. I took a 2 hour nap, sat out in the sun and read a book, ate some lunch and pretty much just enjoyed the quiet relaxation before I had to start getting myself ready.

Finally, it was go time. I walked down to the ceremony site and almost died of heat stroke after 2 minutes of being there! It was easily +36 degrees Celsius and no shade in site. I met up with Cody’s sister and we found somewhere to sit just long enough to watch everyone walk down the aisle and then we darted for some shade on the sidelines.

Everyone looked awesome! It was a cowboy wedding through and through, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Brad. Does he ever make a good lookin’ cowboy!!


Am I right? Or am I right!?


The groom’s and groomsmen’s arrival


Horse drawn wagon for the ladies


After the ceremony, people flocked to the shade and the buckets of ice filled with water and beer. We all took our turns congratulating the newlyweds and taking pictures in the props and with each other.


My favourite 


Brad and the groom

We were more than happy when it came time to head to the reception hall where the A/C and food were waiting for us. As we pulled up I saw a buffalo statue outside and instantly knew someone would be getting on it before the night was over. The hall looked great! Cara had put so much work and detail into her decor. I loved it all but we soon realized it was way too hot for a building that was supposed to be air conditioned.



I sat with Cody’s mom and sisters for the dinner (side note: I used to babysit Cody and his siblings haha) and we soon learned the A/C had broke! Naturally we blamed Brad. He had to have jinxed it with his comment the day before. We did some serious sweating through the dinner and I was so happy it was mostly cold salads instead of hot and heavy meal. It was so hot some of the desserts had the icing melting right off.  Eventually Cody’s dad and brother in law fixed the problem but it wasn’t soon enough to totally alleviate the heat in the building and it was still pretty hot for the rest of the night but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time.


I knew this would happen!




Jason, Ashley, Brad and I decided we were ready to head back to camp and hangout. After getting into our Pjs, Ashley suddenly remembered there was a sparkler send off at midnight for the bride and groom! We had about 5 minutes to get back to the hall for it which meant no time to change back into nice clothes, so in our pajaymas we went to see the couple off.


Sunday morning we actually managed to sleep in a bit before one of the groomsmen came shaking the camper and offering coffee. After a morning visit we all headed back to the hall to clean up and pack decorations back into the horse trailer.


The poor cake did not fair well in the heat.

Once the hall was empty, Brad and I said our goodbyes and headed out for our 3 hour drive home, totally exhausted and sore from the last 2 nights on a camper mattress.

To think, I almost stayed home and missed this special day and all these fun times. My incisions are a little on the sore side but my heart is full! Bonus, I didn’t see 1 snake!

Congratulations Cody and Cara!!


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