Montana Day Adventure

A couple weeks ago my dad went out and bought himself a Harley and he’s been dying to ride over Logan’s pass in Montana with us. So seeing as we had no kids and no plans for this past Saturday, we made a plan. Logan’s Pass/Going to the Sun Road, is absolutely stunning! It’s about an hour and a half from our house to the start of it and we like to get there as much as possible. It starts at St. Mary’s Montana and ends around West Glacier National Park, I think it takes about an hour to get over it but I’ve honestly never paid attention haha

Saturday morning my dad arrived at our house about 10am and after gasing up, we hit the road about 10:30. The weather was perfect and I was able to wear a tank top so I could get my tan on. We hit the boarder at a good time and there was hardly a wait. In Montana it’s not a law to wear helmets, so much to my dad’s horror, Brad and I took ours off and stuffed them in our saddle bags.

We stopped for gas again in St Mary’s (the tank on our bike is pretty small) and headed for the park entrance. The man in the booth told us it was $25 per bike or $50 for a year pass which would get us and my dad in that day. We knew we would be coming back at least 2 more times before the season was over so we opted for the pass and we were on our way!


It’s gorgeous from beginning to end.

My dad hasn’t been over the pass in years so I was pretty excited to be making this trip with him. Plus I think he’s adorable on his bike.


I did my best to get some pictures of him over my shoulder 

This Pass has the prettiest waterfalls all along the side of the road and weeping walls from all the snow run off. I could drive this road every day and still be amazed.




We made it to the peak of the mountain pretty quickly and because there’s still a bit of snow, I got a little chilled in my tank top (The summit also happens to be a continental divide) I was kind of surprised at how much snow there still was and on the way down we pulled over right beside a huge snow bank that was giving off cold air like crazy.



Me and my pops

The closer we got to the bottom, the warmer it started to get and by the time we were on flat road it was hot. We road along the river for quite a ways and it was so blue it looked like listerine. As we entered West Glacier it started to rain a tiny bit but only lasted a minute. We opted to stop for lunch at a place across the highway from the park that we thought was a pizza place. At least it was last year. We got the menus and found out that was no longer the case, pizza wasn’t even an option anymore. We all ordered the mushroom burger which was good but after seeing the colour of the patties and the rice in them, we were pretty sure it was not a beef burger like we were expecting.

My dad told us he didn’t want to go home the same way so we decided on a different route which was longer but different scenery. We headed down another road called Mariahs Pass. It’s a flat road but still beautiful with lots of turns so it keeps it interesting.


We arrived in East Glacier where we stopped for gas again and then headed over the Two Medicine Road, also called Looking Glass Pass. This may have been the sketchiest road I’ve ever been on. It was incredibly narrow and curvy with blind corners everywhere, and some places had a straight drop off with no barriers. Not to mention, it was horrifically bumpy and uneven. It made for a very interesting ride and I spent most of the time holding my already sore boobs haha


This road led us right back into St Mary’s, we had made a full circle! We stopped for a quick bathroom break and headed for the boarder. Once through, we put our helmets on and my dad offered to switch us bikes for the ride home. What a difference! Riding on the Harley was like riding on a couch!

We made it back home after a 7 and a half hour ride. I was beat and my butt was sore but I was happy to have had the day with my dad.


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