The Breast Decision I’ve Ever Made

See what I did there? Haha By the way, I think I’m hilarious!

This past Wednesday marks 3 weeks since surgery and for the most part, I’m feeling fantastic! I’m sure those who see my social media posts think I’m living on easy street so I thought I’d give some insight on how recovery has been going.

WEEK 1: Obviously this was the worst week. I spent most of my time laying in bed, watching tv and bossing my family around because I couldn’t do anything. Ok, maybe that doesn’t sound so bad haha I got out of bed and walked around the house as much as I could and by day 3, I even ventured to the neighbouring town for their Canada Day fireworks. I immediately went home and popped some pain killers. My sleeping situation was the worst! I could only sleep on my back in a semi sitting position which made for an incredibly sore back every morning. I’d wake up with worse back pain than boob pain!


My home made pillow chair. Looks comfy but really was not.

Showering was a ridiculous chore this week. I was allowed to shower but couldn’t get shampoo in my incisions so I had to lean way back to rinse my hair and I couldn’t raise my arms above my head to shampoo so I had to awkwardly lean to the side while holding my boobs with one arm because it hurt to not support them. I was told no strenuous activities but that’s pretty much all showering was! Haha I went grocery shopping with Brad on day 5 and came home wanting to die. I may have over done it a little. I was soooo sore.  I had a follow up appointment with my plastic surgeon on the next Wednesday. I was still pretty sore but already better than I expected so it called for some bathing suit shopping before my appointment. My Dr. said everything was looking really great and he was really happy with the result. I had another week ahead of me with stitches and steri strips but he explained how to remove them and said I could take them out myself or go to my family doctor if I wanted. He also said another 2 weeks and I could swim and wear normal bras. By the end of week one I was down to taking 1 T3 whenever I felt I needed it instead of 2, twice a day.

WEEK 2: I woke up on day 8 feeling amazing! I showered with no pain, blow dryed my hair effortlessly and got packed up for a wedding! It only lasted a day. The next morning I was right back to feeling sore and uncomfortable. I still had to sleep on my back, so like a dork, I had to bring several pillows with me to the wedding. My kids were still having to come get my clothes off the top shelf of my closet and open and close all windows and carry anything remotely heavy. I was also still rocking a sports bra 24/7. Even to the pool haha I didn’t care though, I was just happy to be at the pool! The 2 week mark hit and I took my steri strips off and had Brad try and take my stitches out like I thought the doctor had explained. After getting nowhere I contacted a nurse I know from or towns clinic and found out I didn’t actually have to take any stitches out. I just had to cut the fishing wire like ends off flush with my skin and they would dissolve! We almost messed up big time. I was happy to be able to finally wash my incisions and get the crusted blood off. This week consisted of my first motor bike ride which was great except I spent most of the ride holding my boobs down the bumpy highway. I was also able to finally start driving instead of having Briggs drive me everywhere.

WEEK 3: I was not prepared for what happened when I took my steri strips off. I’ve spent the last week with hyper sensitive nipples! Without the strips my bra rubs on them and it burns like nothing I’ve ever felt before! So I’ve taken to taping make up removal pads over my nipples. It looks great haha and I spend a lot of time icing them, it seems to take away the burning.


My best friends right now

I’ve stopped sleeping on my back, mostly because I couldn’t take it anymore. I started out sleeping with a pillow under my side to prop me up a bit but the last couple nights I’ve been able to sleep like I normally do. It’s like heaven and my back and tail bone appreciate it. Still wearing a sports bra although I did get away with a bathing suit at the pool. I’ve stopped taking pain killers all together but I am still sore, some days more than others. I still have to watch what I lift but for the most part I’m able to do normal little chores around the house and showering isn’t the pain it the butt it was at the beginning.

Im going into week 4 and feeling pretty good about it. Pain is minimal, my nipples aren’t as sore and my incisions are healing very nicely. Oh and did I mention that when I take my bra off there’s no sagging?? They just stay right where they are! I didn’t even have that in high school. It’s amazing!


With time they’ll fade to white

My kids and husband have been so great. They do what I need and the kids have loved having me home for the summer. Behind the swimming and bike trip pictures everyone has been seeing, there’s pain, ice packs and a lot of holding my own boobs, it’s not all fun and games haha I have been enjoying making the most of my time off these last 3 weeks and I intend to do it for the next 3.


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