Town Celebration 2017

Every July our little town has its annual weekend celebration, it usually lands on a weekend our kids are not with us but we switched weekends this year because we like having them for it and the kids don’t like missing it.

We kicked it off on Friday evening with the rodeo. Dylan, Reegan and Robyn along with friends put 2 teams of 3 together and entered in the wild pony race. This is where they have to hang on to a rope tied to the wild pony, try to somewhat catch it, and one kid has to get on and ride it. As soon as you let go of the rope you’re done. The girls were so nervous and it showed because they didn’t get very far out of the gate and ended up disappointed in themselves.


But they looked adorable doing it

Dylan’s team got a little further but they were still unsuccessful at getting on the pony. We hung around to watch the little kids ride sheep and then headed home so Brad and I could get ready to meet friends at the beer gardens.

Reegan and Robyn had their first ever babysitting job for our friends Cody and Cara (they had just moved to our town that day!) and the boys invited a friend and their cousins Jazz and Joey over to hang out for the night. We had told ourselves we were only staying until 11 because we didn’t want to be out all night and feel like crap for the long day ahead. As soon as we were with friends and had a few drinks, those plans changed haha we had so much fun visiting with friends, some we barely ever see, and listening to the live music


We have some amazing local talent

We finally made it home just after 1am with 2 very tired little girls we had picked up on the way. Don’t worry, we had a sober driver. I made me and the kids some chicken nuggets and we all headed to bed.

9am Saturday morning came way too early and I was not at all impressed with the self inflicted headache I had haha We all drug ourselves out of bed and got ready for the morning parade, Dylan left earlier than the rest of us because he was riding his dirt bike in it and had to find his place in line. We picked up Jazz and Joey from Brads parents house and met friends and family at our usual corner.


Candy catchers

Afterewards, I gathered up all the kids and Brad headed to the city with his brother Brandon to pick up their dad who got a day pass from the hospital. Hooray! We had planned a family BBQ at Brads parents acerage so after a stop at home to get my food contribution and Dylan, we headed out there for an afternoon of good food and family time.


It was great to have dad home for a day


Uncle Brad taking Rylea for her first dirt bike ride


I couldn’t resist this picture of Briggs doubling Joey

Later in the afternoon we took the kids to the football field where there’s local vendors, food trucks, games and petting zoo.


It was incredibly hot and it didn’t take long for the kids to want to leave and go swimming. I offered to take them bridge jumping and they were all over it. Brad opted to stay home and nap so away the kids and I went. It was the perfect day for it. I dropped the 4 older kids off at the first bridge so they could float the canal down to the second bridge where me and the 2 little girls waited for them. It didn’t take them long to get to us and they excitedly started jumping. Everyone but Robyn and Briggs anyway. It took Robyn about 20 minutes to work up the courage to jump and then she loved it! Briggs fear of heights got the best of him and he never did jump.


The kids spent the rest of the evening between the grandparents house and ours until it was dark and time for the fireworks.

We met Brads parents at the field where they were held. It was a great display this year! After they were over Brad drove his dad back to the hospital and I drove Viv, Jazz and Joey back to the acerage. I knew I was running on fumes all day but I kept forgetting to stop for gas.  My luck ran out on the way home and I totally ran out of gas on a dark country road right by the graveyard. This is what horror movies are made out of haha needless to say, the little ones were not impressed. I coasted to the stop sign at the highway and Briggs and Dylan pushed so we got enough speed to pull into the nearby fishpond. I called a few people but got no answer so I figured I’d lock the vehicle and we could walk home. I was nervous about leaving the vehicle overnight because there’s been a recent spree of vehicle theft in our town. Briggs suddenly piped up about his friend Clayton probably having a gas can at his house (our towns one gas station was already closed) so Briggs called him and sure enough, Clay and his mom came to our rescue! I had him put in just enough to get us home so we booted it through town. Brad arrived home awhile later and everyone immediately fell asleep totally exhausted from late nights and a very long day.

Another great weekend in the books with lots of great stories to tell.


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