Cliff Jumping In Montana

Between, surgery and upcoming vacations, we’ve hard a hard time finding a day to take the kids over Logan’s Pass like we’ve been promising them, so we ended up having to squeeze it into an already eventful weekend (Sunday of or town celebration weekend). Our niece and nephew were here for the weekend so we got permission from their mom to take them as well. Dylan and Robyn are the only kids who have been over the Pass before and they were so little, they don’t remember much.

Bright and early Sunday morning we drug our exhausted kids out of bed and hit the road. Just me, Brad and 6 kids. Aren’t we brave? Haha

The boarder took longer than expected but we made it through and our first stop was lunch at a little sandwich shop in St Mary’s, which Joey referred to as “a ghetto subway”. The prices were certainly not ghetto, we spent $95 on 8 sandwiches. Sandwhiches!! We ate quick, bought some snacks and continued on our trek. As we climbed the Pass, the kids got more and more excited and once the thick trees gave away to mountain cliffs, the kids minds were blown! We pulled off into a turn out as soon as we could so they could get a better look at the view.



As we carried on down the road, the kids thought the snow mounds they kept seeing were so cool and once again we had to pull over so they could play in snow in July.




It didn’t take us long to reach the peak of the mountain and start coming down the other side. The kids were in awe of the waterfalls everywhere and Robyn hung out the side window most of the time. Reegan joined her just in time for the main weeping wall and Brad was able to get our vehicle close enough that it splashed the girls with freezing mountain water. We made it to the bottom and the beginning of the river that runs along the highway. Once again, the excited chatter in our vehicle was so fun to hear. We finally came to the spot we wanted to cliff jump but because Brad didn’t listen to me when I pointed out a parking spot (does any man really listen?) we ended up driving up and down the highway about 3 times more than we needed to.

It was a bit of a hike, and I’m not going to lie, we hopped a few rails and ignored a few signs, but was it ever worth it!


Look at that water!

Brad and the kids spent hours swimming and jumping while I sat on a shallow rock only half submerged in water because my incisions were not healed enough for me to swim.






We eventually had our fill of this spot and decided to try one we had passed on the way here. It had far more people at it but it was just as gorgeous!



This cliff was much higher than the first spot.

On the way back over the mountain we made a stop some balconies in a tunnel and a little water fall, we also decided to pull in at the peak and tour through the information centre.IMG_2424


We wadered around checking out the building and the scenery behind it until we decided we were too exhausted to do much more and we headed for home.


I thought for sure the kids all would’ve fallen asleep on the drive home and I’d get some peace and quiet but no such luck. I was over tired and couldn’t get home fast enough but listening to my kids excitedly laugh, joke and talk with their cousins and repeatedly thank us for taking them totally made it worth the bags I was going to have under my eyes.


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