West Coast Day 1 & 2

Last summer, after a short four day bike trip to the states, Brad and I and our friends Adam and Jess decided this summer we were going to plan a bike trip down the west coast as far into California as we had time for. The day has come and here’s a recap of our first 2 days.

DAY 1: We started from home with the goal of getting to our prebooked hotel in Thompson Falls Montana about 5 and a half hours away. We of course crossed over Logan’s Pass once out of Canada.




Our first stop was for dinner on the other side of the pass at a biker bar called Packers Roost. We stopped here last year and I loved it!


Inside, the walls are covered in dollar bills that people have signed so we decided this year we better add to it.


We had a really late start to the day so after dinner we hauled ass to our destination, stopping only for gas and bathroom breaks. About 10:30 pm, well after dark, we finally arrived in Thompson Falls. It was the cutest little motel!




Everyone was exhausted so it didn’t take long before we were all out for the night.

DAY 2: We were up way earlier than planned thanks to Adams alarm. We spent the morning getting tickets to Garth Brooks concert in September (super stoked when we got some!) and then packed up and headed for breakfast at a delicious diner down the road. We weren’t in a huge hurry today so we were able to make some stops on the way to our next destination of Yakima Washington. We made our way out of Montana and into Idaho. We stopped at a few roadside pubs which were really cool!


The goldmine bar. It had a an actual gold mine in it!



It was full of John Wayne memoriablia 

The next place we stopped was called the Snake Pit. It is the oldest bar in Idaho.


It also used to be a brothel haha


They had great pie! 

We made it through Idaho and into Washington where I’m almost positive we rode through the Sahara desert. It was 43 degrees Celsius with sporadic bodies of water, miles apart from each other.


By the time we got to Yakima we all crispy fried and wanting to die. We checked in and headed for dinner and a place called Bills place, it was soooo delicious. We headed back to the hotel to sit pool side and enjoy our evening with some much needed relaxation.


The view from our balcony 

See ya in a few days!


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