Bike Trip Day 3 & 4…..The Oregon Coast

We finally made it to the coast!! We have seen and done so many cool things in the last 2 days, I can’t get into many details or this would be a book, I just had to share the awesome things we’ve done so far.

DAY 3: Right after we passed into Oregon, we stopped at the famous Multnoma Falls. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and they definitely did not disappoint. They were stunning!



We eventually made the hike up to the bridge in the background.

It was still unbelievably hot out and we decided to stop for lunch soon after to get some cold drinks in us. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but they had happy hour jello shots (how could we not partake?)  and some really cool locals that Brad made friends with. So far, everywhere we’ve gone has been great! We were getting pretty impatient to get to the ocean so we finished eating and headed to Astoria as quick as we could. This was our first stop on the official “Oregon Coast Tour” and when we hit city limits there was a lot of hollaring and cheering.

I couldn’t believe the view from our hotel!


Right off our balcony

We didn’t waste time unpacking and heading off on foot to find the local watering hole. On the way we decided we were going to spend the night doing our own pub crawl through the town. By midnight we had made it to only 2 pubs and we were all beat. We had such a blast though and met some of the coolest and friendliest people. I fell in love with Astoria.


First pub


Second pub


Our fav bartender

DAY 4: We woke up feeling the effects of our mini pub crawl and headed to the hotels complimentary breakfast. It was an outdoor BBQ with homemade breakfast burritos. Seriously, I want to live here. Before leaving town we wanted to drive over the huge bridge we could see over the ocean and find the house that the movie The Goonies was filmed at.


Found it! Unfortunately the owners don’t take kindly to onlookers and we couldn’t get very close.

Our next stop was the town of Seaside. We hit the beach at low tide and tried to find some starfish. We didn’t find any but we did see some other cool stuff and collected a couple sand dollars.




It was a super foggy morning and we were happy to see it lifting.

We got some lunch, and couple souvenirs for the girls and continued on to Ecola State Park. This was another place The Goonies was filmed at and I was so excited to go.


The road to the beach was GORGEOUS


After changing into shorts and flip flops, we spent an hour or so playing in the water and on the rocks looking for sea creatures.



Check out those green sea urchins!

On our way back down the beach we ran into a local that taught us how to catch crabs! As I walked out into the ocean for a closer look at one, a wave took me by surprise and soaked me! I went running back to shore and made Brad and Adam do all the catching.



After changing into dry clothes, we headed to Tillamook for dinner at the cheese factory where they serve the BEST grilled cheese and tomato soup. I’m not exaggerating, it was the best!


Haystack rock from the highway. Also featured in The Goonies.



Cheese sample bar


We ate dinner and headed for our destination town Lincon City. The sun was going down and it was getting awfully cold. By the time we got to our hotel, I felt like an ice cube. Brad and Adam headed out to a nearby casino and Jess and I enjoyed the time to shower and do some laundry. The boys weren’t gone long and once again, we were all in bed before midnight.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for us!


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