West Coast Bike Trip Day 7 & 8….The California Coast!

We made it to California! I was so excited, I’ve never been to California before and I couldn’t wait to see what this part of the journey had in store for us.

DAY 7: About an hour after we hit the road, we crossed the state line and we were officially in Cali. I was kind of surprised at the instant difference in the change of scenery. The ocean very soon gave away to ginormous redwood trees. They were unbelievable.


Pictures do them no justice, these things are massive!


We stopped at the Trees of Mystery park (don’t ask me where because I can’t remember) and we took a couple hours to tour through the trees and ride the glass enclosed tram that takes you way up over the top of the trees.



Jess and I had made friends with the cutest little 5 year old girl who was there with her dad and she happily followed us through the forest chatting our ears off the whole time. She was adorable and made us miss our own kids.


Of course we had to get pictures on the huge statues at the park entrance. We look so small on his boot!

We took a small five minute detour after we left just to drive through one of the 3 drive through trees along the forest highway.


With a stop in Eureka for lunch at Gallaghers Irish pub, we were back on the road to our destination of Ukiah.

We were pretty happy to make it there before dark and we set out to find a pub with a shuffle board. We walked for blocks in the California heat on the bum ridden streets, only to find a very sketchy bar that we walked into and immediately walked out of. We went a few more blocks down to another bar where we had one drink before we decided this was not a place for us and we decided on gas station treats and a night in our hotel room. Ukiah might be one of the scariest towns I’ve ever been in, I don’t know what we were thinking by walking haha

DAY 8: This was by far my favourite day. We got the heck out of that scary town and before long were back on the coast line enjoying the view. Our final stop that day was Santa Cruz! When we first started planning this trip I desperately wanted to go here and the Golden Gate Bridge but Brad told me it was too far and we wouldn’t have the time. Turns out we did!

The Golden Gate Bridge was soooo cool!! I loved driving over something so iconic. Unfortunately it was freezing and when we pulled over for pictures I had to put my hoodie on.


A super dorky bridge selfie


We got a little lost getting out of San Francisco but it made for some really cool sight seeing, the city is actually very pretty. The only thing that would have made it better would have been having time to find the Full House house. Maybe another time. Not far outside of the city we fell a little behind Adam and Jess and when we caught up to them, they were pulled over on the shoulder and Jess was pointing out to the ocean. It was whales!! At last!! They were too far away to get any good pictures or videos but we could see their blow holes and then their bodies pop up speratically. There was probably just under 10 and it was amazing! Me and Jess were sad to leave and we stayed until we couldn’t see blow spouts anymore. Our trip had been made and we rode the whale high all the way to Santa Cruz.

We arrived very hungry and too early to check into our hotel but they were kind enough to let us put our bags behind the desk while we went for lunch at a restaurant on the pier. I was in awe. This place was amazing and our hotel looked right over the board walk!


The view from our hotel.


Lunch on the boardwalk.

A few days prior we had been tossing around the idea of matching tattoos to commemorate our epic journey so after lunch we walked to a tattoo shop we had seen a block down. The guy in the shop drew up an idea, gave us a quote we thought was reasonable and the tattooing commenced. We couldn’t pass up tattoos on the Santa Cruz boardwalk.IMG_2921

By the time we had all finished, it was almost dark and we were eager to get to the carnival on the boardwalk. Jess and I both have birthdays this upcoming week so we decided this was where we would celebrate, and did we ever celebrate! We spent the night eating jumbo corn dogs, deep fried cheesecake, playing carnival games, souvenir shopping and laughing our butts off.IMG_2948



We left at closing time and made our way down the beach to the pier so we could find the sea lions that we heard barking all night.


The guys chased waves all the way down the beach.

It took awhile but we found the sea lions sleeping on a dock. There was tons of them but it was dark and little hard to see so we headed back to our hotel because we were beat and had a super long day ahead of us. Brad tucked himself in out on the deck to ward off any sickness due to his abundance of beer drinking, and the rest of us settled into the very comfortable beds.

I wish we could have stayed longer than one night but stay tuned to see how the next couple days went for us!


One thought on “West Coast Bike Trip Day 7 & 8….The California Coast!

  1. “Are you sure these games are regulation….” or what about brad tripping over a dog with your corn dog!!! 😂😂 best night ever!! Let’s go back!!!


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