West Coast Bike Trip Day 9 & 10

This is where things started to get a little ridiculous, we did so much driving and we were so tired it was almost unbearable.

DAY 9: Our destination that night was Reno Nevada, completely on the other side of California, so we woke up with hangovers and a 7 hour ride ahead of us. None of us were happy about it. We headed out for breakfast on the pier hoping food would make us feel better, then we did a little souvenir shopping and took one last look at the sea lions in the day light.


Some were putting on quite the show and I could have watched them all day.

Wishing we could’ve stayed longer, we hit the road for our dreaded day ride. Have you ever ridden 7 hours through the California desert? I don’t recommend it. Adam eventually got sick of it and bought an ice pack for his lap.


Poked a few holes in the bag and it acts as a mister when the wind hits it.

We did end up going through a national park and over a pass that was pretty cold so it was kind of a nice break.


Snow covered mountains in California. Who knew!

We made it to Jackson California when we decided to stop for a break and eat before we all died. My boots had been rubbing on my toe for days and band aids were no longer helping so I ended up shoving them in a saddle bag and wearing flip flops for the rest of the time haha.

Just over 7 hours later, right when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore, we hit Reno. I have never been so happy! Our resort was amazing! It looked like something in Vegas and the excitement gave us a bit of a second wind.




Our room was massive!

We cleaned ourselves up and headed down to check out the casino and grab some food at one of the lobby restaurants.  We spent the night playing slot machines, exploring the resort and playing games in the arcade.


DAY 10: We were so beat from the day before, we very grudgingly got out of bed, packed up our stuff and hit the hotel’s amazing buffett.


Every one of us over ate which made the long drive ahead seem even more chore like. Before we left town, Adam wanted to find the Harley store so we got to see downtown Reno. It was very Vegas-like and made me wish we had seen it at night when all the lights were on.



A stop at Harley and we were back on the road headed for Elko Nevada. It was another disgustingly hot drive and Brad and I jumped on the ice bag band wagon. Other than the wild horses we saw not too far out of Reno, driving through the desert has got to be one of the most boring things I’ve ever done and I was more than happy when we pulled into a roadside saloon for a drink.


The midget wrestling sign cracked us up


This was the most interesting scenery for 5 hours.

Eventually we made it to Elko. The boys spent the night at the black jack table drinking free beer and me and Jess’ evening of multiple trips to the laundry mat was about as exciting as the drive through the desert haha going home is always the worst.

Watch for the last few days posted soon!


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