West Coast Bike Trip…..Final 3 Days

There is nothing I hate more than going home from vacation. It’s even worse on a bike when you have to take several days to get there and all you want to do is hop a plane and go straight home. Our last 3 days were nothing too exciting and the excitement of being on the road had totally worn off.

DAY 11: We left Elko tired, cranky and a little on each others nerves. Our destination was Rexburg Idaho about 5 hours away. None of us were happy about it and to make it even better, 6 minutes away from Jackpot Nevada, Brad and I ran out of gas! Uggghhh just what we needed. I guess it was a good thing we were so close to the city, Adam rode ahead to get us gas while Brad, Jess and I waited on the side of the road in the Nevada desert haha the mood lightened a little when Jess went to sit on the gravel beside me and ended up sitting on a cactus hahaha It didn’t take Adam long to come back and we were back on our way. Today was by far the worst day of the trip. We were so exhausted it made the drive almost painful. Our saving grace was the weather wasn’t as hot as the day before and we enjoyed the clouds. We were happy to stop at a roadside grill for some lunch and a break before finishing the last couple hours of our drive. We made it to Rexburg just before dark.


Brad was excited to see this along the way

We checked into our hotel and then went to one of our favourite U.S. restaurants, Applebee’s. We ate ourselves sick and sat around visiting while the guys enjoyed a few beers. We were totally surprised when some people from our hometown walked into the restaurant and sat down beside us! It gave us all a good laugh before heading back to our hotel for some much needed sleep.

DAY 12: The day before must’ve really taken its toll on us because none of us woke up until 11:30am! We thought we had slept passed check out but luckily we had a half hour to get up and get out. We rushed to pack, hit Burger King for lunch, and started off for Great Falls Montana feeling pretty refreshed and way better than the previous day. Halfway through the drive we stopped in the cutest little old western town, I have no idea what it was called but it was adorable. We had some drinks at a little pub, sampled some whiskey at the distillery and wandered through some of the shops.




After a gas up, we were back on the road. Jess was our navigator for the whole trip and we had decided to stay away from the interstate as much as possible, so she had been looking on google maps and mapping side roads along the way. On one of the side roads, we suddenly hit gravel. Nothing is worse on a motor bike than dusty gravel roads.


At least the view was pretty haha

It took us about 30-45 minutes to get off the road and by this time we were COVERED in dust. It wasn’t ideal but it sure gave us something to laugh and tease Jess about for the rest of the drive. We got to Great Falls a couple hours later and went straight to the Golden Corral for dinner. We had been waiting all day for this cheap and delicious buffet. We had taken our helmets off awhile back and mine and Brads hair showed it!



After dinner we went out on the town for a bit. We went to the sip and dip where we watched mermaids swim and drank fishbowls.


Brad and Adam had to help me drink mine!

Next we went to a pub to play shuffleboard (the guys new obsession) and then back to the hotel for some sleep.

DAY 13: This day was all business. We were 3 hours from home and couldn’t wait to get there. It had gotten cold and I spent the ride with my hood on my head trying to keep warm. We stopped half way to put on warmer coats and then we beelined for the boarder. We made it home around 3 in the afternoon and man did it ever feel good!

Brad and I spent the rest of the day watching movies in bed, reminiscing about the last 2 weeks and fading in and out of sleep. Man, that was a trip I’ll never forget!


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