Where Oh Where Has My Motivation Gone??

Ok, summer is long gone, kids are back in school and I now have days off to myself so why the hell am I not utilizing this time to get in shape?? Uggghhh this is something I ask myself every single day. I told myself once summer was over I was going to hustle. Well that was how many weeks ago, and not one ounce of me has felt any motivation to do so.


Its not even that I forget, I just can’t be bothered, oh except the small town yoga classes me and Christina have been wanting to join, every week we both manage to forget about those haha I even had myself convinced to join an adult cheerleading squad with a coworker buuut I managed to talk myself out of that too. I had valid reasons, I have too much going on with my kids to even try and get myself to the city every Wednesday evening for 2 hours. That and I’m far too lazy. This is where I need help. I see moms and other incredibly busy non-moms killin it and I always wonder how they do it! How does one work, raise a family and not just want to come home and die when you get the chance?? I have no desire to do anything if I don’t want to, nevermind actually leaving my house to exercise. Besides, why would I leave when I can lay in bed every evening and binge watch Game of Thrones (my new obsession)?


This truly sums up my life

Again, I keep telling myself, healthy eating is going to happen, but does it? Nope. I always tell myself, why would I want to make a meal for my family and a meal for myself? This week I actually took a step in the right direction and bought a bunch of fruit and veggies. Have I eaten any? Of course not haha

I’m really hoping writing a blog about it will maybe help to kick my motivation up a little because having most of the summer off to vacation, laze around and eat like crap, was very unkind to me. 6 pounds of unkind actually, yikes!

So if any of you reading this have any tips or tricks on how to stay motivated and get my butt in gear, please share! I’ll take all the help I can get!


Garth Brooks World Tour 2017

Anyone who has never seen Garth Brooks is seriously, SERIOUSLY missing out! This man puts on the most unbelievable show ever! Not only is he an amazing performer, he’s an amazing person. He purposely keeps his ticket prices low so people can actually afford to go and he involves so many audience members throughout his shows. He’s just unreal.

So, if you’ve been following along, you already know that we bought tickets while we were on our bike trip. I’ve seen him before when I was 13 but Brad never has and when I found out he was going to be only 2 hours away around our anniversary, I wasn’t letting Brad miss out. The original concert date was set for September 9th but because it sold out so quickly, Garth added something like 8 more shows to the tour! Because he’s just that awesome. We ended up getting tickets to a 3 in the afternoon show for a September 2nd.

Early that Saturday morning we loaded up in Adam and Jess’ truck and headed off on a road trip. Brad wasn’t overly thrilled but I knew what we were in for and I couldn’t wait! We arrived at the Calgary saddledome about an hour before start time. It gave us time to get through security, get some food and drinks, which were ridiculously overpriced, and find our seats. Turns out we had “club seating” tickets which meant we kind of got to go through a special area to our seats that allowed us access to different bathrooms, concessions and souvenir stands so we had minimal to no lines to wait in. Score! Our seats were way better than we expected and we could actually see him without having to watch the big screen.


So close we could see him sweat


Waiting for the show to start

As soon as the lights went off, my excitement blew through the roof! The energy in the building was crazy and Garth wasted no time getting right into the show.


About half way through, Garth took a break and his wife came out to sing for awhile. Seeing both these legends in one night was just way too cool.


We were on our feet pretty much the whole show. It wasn’t even a short concert, 3 hours of legendary awesomeness! I took pics and videos and spent the whole time dancing and singing my heart out! Brad repeatedly told me how much he loved it and was so glad we went.IMG_3221


It was almost exactly 20 years to the day in between Garth concerts for me and I truly think he’s only gotten better. Three hours wasn’t enough for me, I could’ve stayed all night but unfortunately he had another show that evening and all good things have to come to an end right?

We left on cloud 9. Brad was totally thrilled and kept saying it was by far the best concert he’s ever seen. Obviously I took this opportunity to say “I told ya so” haha we hit red lobster for dinner and started our 2 hour drive home totally satisfied with our Garth experience.

If you ever get the chance to see him in person GO!!! Even if you’re not a country fan, you won’t regret it.


The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Fall really is my favourite time of year. I am that basic white girl that loves the  leaves turning colour, sweaters and boots, pumpkin spice everything and football season. Everything but Starbucks actually haha fall also means thanksgiving, Halloween and hunting season!! Most importantly, the kids go back to school and I get the house back to myself on my days off. Hell yes!!

Im not going to lie, this school year is a little hard on me, my oldest has started HIGH SCHOOL!! This is brand new territory for me and it’s a horrible reminder that I don’t have many years left with him at home.


This is not a “excited for school” smile. I had to tease it out of him.

To add insult to injury, he went and turned 15 on me last week AND got himself his first girlfriend over the summer. I’m not ready for this haha

Speaking of new journeys, Dylan started Jr High! This is a big move for him as it means he is in a new school and will no longer be in the same building as Robyn.


Ready for Jr High!

Hes only 2 days in but from what we hear, jr High is WAY better than elementary, mostly because he gets a sweet locker. Isn’t that what we were all excited about though?

Im thanking my lucky stars the girls are still in elementary so I still have a couple more years to pretend we’re not all getting older. It’s grade 4 for both girls and they both desperately wish they were in the same town so they could be in the same class.


The tallest fourth grader around

Reegans a super smart girl and usually breezes right through school but she was less than impressed to go back. The only exciting thing about going back for her was the new wardrobe. A girl after my own heart haha


I hope her teacher is ready for alllll the sass haha

The novelty of school has also worn off for Robyn over the years and she was fuming mad when she found out her and her best friend were in separate classes this year. Thank goodness she had the summer to get over it and it doesn’t seem to be so life ruining now, she really likes her teacher and already came home with homework that she was eager to do as soon as football practice was over.

As sad as I am to see the summer go, I’m always excited for the beginning of fall and to have some organization back in my life, I know it’s going to be absolutely chaotic organization because sports are starting and of course none of my kids are on the same team for anything. I absolutely revel in this time of year, welcome back real life!