Where Oh Where Has My Motivation Gone??

Ok, summer is long gone, kids are back in school and I now have days off to myself so why the hell am I not utilizing this time to get in shape?? Uggghhh this is something I ask myself every single day. I told myself once summer was over I was going to hustle. Well that was how many weeks ago, and not one ounce of me has felt any motivation to do so.


Its not even that I forget, I just can’t be bothered, oh except the small town yoga classes me and Christina have been wanting to join, every week we both manage to forget about those haha I even had myself convinced to join an adult cheerleading squad with a coworker buuut I managed to talk myself out of that too. I had valid reasons, I have too much going on with my kids to even try and get myself to the city every Wednesday evening for 2 hours. That and I’m far too lazy. This is where I need help. I see moms and other incredibly busy non-moms killin it and I always wonder how they do it! How does one work, raise a family and not just want to come home and die when you get the chance?? I have no desire to do anything if I don’t want to, nevermind actually leaving my house to exercise. Besides, why would I leave when I can lay in bed every evening and binge watch Game of Thrones (my new obsession)?


This truly sums up my life

Again, I keep telling myself, healthy eating is going to happen, but does it? Nope. I always tell myself, why would I want to make a meal for my family and a meal for myself? This week I actually took a step in the right direction and bought a bunch of fruit and veggies. Have I eaten any? Of course not haha

I’m really hoping writing a blog about it will maybe help to kick my motivation up a little because having most of the summer off to vacation, laze around and eat like crap, was very unkind to me. 6 pounds of unkind actually, yikes!

So if any of you reading this have any tips or tricks on how to stay motivated and get my butt in gear, please share! I’ll take all the help I can get!


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