First Snow Day Of The Year

Winter is coming…..haha sorry, I’ve been on a serious Game of Thrones binge and I had to do it. October 3rd and we are already having a snow day! What does the rest of winter have in store for us if this is happening so early? I knew it was coming thanks to the storm warnings but I sure didn’t expect it to be this bad.

Monday afternoon Christina and I left work about an hour early because we live 30 minutes away and it was all over the news about how awful the highway driving conditions were getting. They weren’t kidding.


The visibility was horrendous and the highway was covered in snow and ice. We did about 50km/hr all the way home, any kind of acceleration and I could feel the vehicle start to slide, needless to say, we stuck to 50 and made it home in one piece.

Me and the family spent the evening hunkered inside listening and reading weather updates. Highways were closing in parts around us, semis and cars were in ditches everywhere and Dylan and Robyn’s mom, who was on her way home from a business trip, was stuck in a city 2 hours away because the roads were undriveable. The kids had every finger and toe crossed for a school closure while I was in total denial. I thought, It was only October, no way will it get that bad, the plows will be out and it will be fine.

I woke up at 2:30am to the power flickering on and off and realized the kids dreams were coming true, no way would there be school in the morning.

Brad woke up around 6:30am and found out that all schools in our division had indeed been cancelled, the power was out on one side of our town and this is what it looked like outside.


He woke the kids up to tell them and had them shut their alarms off so they could sleep in and then he tried to head off to work. Tried being the key word. He got as far as the driveway of his coworker when he got stuck and had to be pulled out. He immediately called his own snow day and came back home. I was more than happy as we enjoyed a quiet morning together drinking coffee and watching Game of Thrones while the kids slept.

As soon as the kids woke up, our house was full of snow day excitement and a few “I told you so’s”  aimed in my direction haha. After a lazy morning and lunch time, Brad got a call from his boss sending him to work and the kids bundled up in their winter gear and headed out to the piles of snow.




The girls enjoyed the afternoon having snow ball fights and sledding at the local hill and the boys took off through every drift they could on their dirt bikes. I jumped on the opportunity to have a lovely afternoon nap haha.

Dylan and Robyn’s mom made it back about 4:30pm to pick them up, Brad worked later to make up for his missed morning and Me and Briggs and Reegan ate dinner and got prepared for the next day because despite their hopes for another snow day, the weather had calmed down, the roads were getting back to normal and I knew it wouldn’t be happening.

I sure hope this early winter storm is not a sign of what winter will be for us this year, my poor summer lovin’ heart will have to move haha



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