2017 Hunting Season

This year’s hunting season is officially over and while I had originally planned on making several posts, I got too busy with actually hunting and time slipped away from me. So now you’ll have to deal with a recap.

This season was a little different than usual. One, because it was Dylan’s first year and 2, because I managed to tag out 2 weeks earlier than usual.

Opening day was pretty exciting because like I said, it was Dylan’s first year and pretty much the day he’s been waiting for his whole life. He told us he wasn’t going to shoot a tiny buck, he wanted to wait for a decent sized one. So after trudging out before the sun rose and waiting in a make shift blind for a few hours, we finally saw a little buck, which I actually had been looking at for awhile thinking it was a doe. Dylan decided this was his deer. We knew the holding out for a bigger one wasn’t going to happen haha so Brad helped him load the gun and line up his shot. First shot and Dylan had his first ever buck down!! We were soooo excited! The three of us took off across the field to check it out just to find it was wounded and down, but still alive, so Dyl took one more shot and put the deer out  of its misery. He was so proud of himself and I’m not even going to lie, I shed a few happy tears for him. Ok, I shed a lot and Brad’s still teasing me about it.IMG_5005

Since we didn’t have a pick up truck, we loaded the deer on to the top of our Tahoe, like true rednecks, and took it to Brandon and Morgans to hang it and skin it.


We spent the afternoon of opening day in a different part of the countryside trying to find a mule doe for me to shoot. We found a few, I shot at a few, and I missed a few. I was getting pretty frustrated. Finally we found another herd and I managed to crack one.


Pretty successful opening day.

We spent the weekend after opening day trying to get me or Brad a buck but neither one of us had any luck and not for lack of trying on my part. I was having a rough season and couldn’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn, never mind a deer. Finally, the following Wednesday, was my lucky day. I spotted a buck I wanted and was determined to get it. My determination paid off and I got us some more meat for our freezer.


The second weekend in November we had the chance to take our niece Jazzy out. We hoped to find her a buck but didn’t have much luck. She wasn’t picky and just wanted to shoot something so we got her lined up on a pretty hard shot, across a little lake, on a doe. She totally nailed it! I was so impressed and she was so excited!


That same weekend we got to do an evening hunt with Brandon and Morgan, where Brandon filled his doe tag, and we went on a day trip a few hours away with some other friends hoping to find Brad his white tail buck. We had no luck in the buck area but we saw a huge herd of elk so we ran to the nearest town to buy a tag but unfortunately by the time we got back, the herd had just crossed over a fence line into land that was not huntable.

Brad spent the following week looking for a couple huge bucks we had seen on the previous weekend but had no luck. The following weekend he took Dylan out to get his mule doe and my father in law even joined. Dylan was really excited to get his second deer with grandpa watching.


It was a fruitful day because just before the sun went down, Brad got his buck! He lost his wedding ring while gutting it but small price to pay for a deer. Or so I’m told….


And just like that, we were all tagged out and our freezer was full. We are usually out hunting until the very last minute of closing day so it was a little weird for us to have time left over but it give us time to get everyone’s deers butchered and packed away. Also gave me ample time to clean the blood off of my steering wheel, seats, windshield, roof and pretty much everywhere else on my SUV. Including the carpets in the very back of the vehicle because Brad thought he could just throw some deer in there no problem. Yes I say some, it was plural.

Those who don’t hunt don’t understand it, but it’s seriously some of the most fun I’ve ever had and it gives you the BEST stories. The meat is good, the antlers are great, but you can’t beat the memories. Btw, Brad actually found his wedding the next day! Haha


Halloween 2017

Halloween is just another reason I’m totally in love with fall, the costumes, the free candy, the events and activities but mostly I love the scary movies. I l-o-v-e LOVE scary movies. Poor Brad hates them but he humours me and watches them anyway, that’s love right?

We have a large haunted house in our area that everyone flocks to this time of year, I haven’t been in years but we figured we should do it with the kids this year so we took our 4 kids, Briggs’ girlfriend Gracie, Dylan’s friend Zyler, and my mom.


Creepy Hallow used to be a big house in the town I grew up in but in recent years its relocated to a large area in the countryside which has allowed the owners to expand it into more of a haunted village. We had lots of fun wandering around and looking around at all the different scary aspects like the ghost forest, the graveyard, the maze and of course the main haunted house which we went through multiple times. Robyn spent most of the evening terrified and near tears and Briggs’ wasn’t much braver haha but the rest of us had a great time.




Of course, there’s also fun Halloween parties to attend and this year our friends Adam and Jess threw one the weekend before Halloween. I had to work the next morning so we didn’t get to stay long but it’s still fun to socialize for a few hours.


Betty Rubble and one interesting looking ballerina haha

Halloween day is definitely my favourite. Briggs of course is too old and cool to dress up anymore but I love getting Reegan dressed up in the morning and getting pictures of Dylan and Robyn in their costumes. They looked great!




A baby


Killer clown

Every year I meet Reegan and my mom at the afternoon parade at the school. It’s so fun to see all the different costumes that kids in the community come up with.


For dinner on Halloween we eat sloppy joes and homemade fries. It’s a tradition my grandma did with her kids and my mom and her brothers carried it on with me and my cousins and now we all still do it every Halloween. We even stick to my grandmas recipe. After our usual dinner we headed out trick or treating. Dylan and stayed at his moms to trick or treat with friends and Briggs and his friends headed to the same town to hang out with Gracie and her friends, so just us and the girls headed out with our friends Cody and Cara, their 2 little girls and Cody’s sister Tessa. It was raining and not very warm so we loaded up in our Tahoe, we had a really fun night of driving up and down the streets while the girls got in and out to warm up and show us how quick their bags were filling up.


The girls eventually had enough and Cody got a call saying their horses had gotten out so we decided to call it a night and head home.


Counting and sorting candy

After the girls counted and sorted their candy, Brad and I settled into bed and ended our Halloween with the new IT movie.

Hope everyone else had a great Halloween! Any one else have any Halloween traditions?


My Baby’s Not A Baby Anymore

My little tiny baby Reegan hit the double digits last week and I hate it. She’s gone from a colicky, terrible sleeper, to a beautiful, kind little lady, in just a decade. Although, she’s still not a great sleeper hahaIMG_3781To celebrate I threw her a pumpkin carving party, it’s a good thing she said it was the best birthday party ever because I’m still finding pumpkin seeds around my house


Party ready


She invited 9 girls from school and of course Robyn. I covered as much of my kitchen as I could with plastic table cloths and garbage bags, gave them sharpies and let them have at it. I assisted with the carving when needed but for the most part it was a free for all. The pumpkin guts were flying and I even heard suggestions of gut fights. I shut that down real quick!



After the carving was done the girls played games and snacked on chips and jello while we waited for my mom to bring pizza for dinner. I jumped on the chance to clean up the disaster, I was quite happy with how easy it was to just roll up the tablecloths with the mess inside and take it straight to the trash bin.

The pizza arrived and the girls devoured it. This was the only time of the night I saw the boys and soon after they hit the road to avoid the chaos of screaming 9 year olds. I desperately wanted to go with them. Instead, I stayed and watched reegan open her presents from friends and grandparents. She made a killing!


Some girls started leaving so we decided we better get the cake out because nobody else wanted to miss out on it.


One by one girls started leaving, accompanied by their pumpkins and treat bags and the ones that weren’t getting picked up, I drove home.


The crazy bunch

I was happy to have my house a little more silent and very pleased as Reegan made phone calls to her dad and other family members telling her how awesome her party was. It made all the stress and planning totally worth it. Happy one decade my NOT so little baby!