My Baby’s Not A Baby Anymore

My little tiny baby Reegan hit the double digits last week and I hate it. She’s gone from a colicky, terrible sleeper, to a beautiful, kind little lady, in just a decade. Although, she’s still not a great sleeper hahaIMG_3781To celebrate I threw her a pumpkin carving party, it’s a good thing she said it was the best birthday party ever because I’m still finding pumpkin seeds around my house


Party ready


She invited 9 girls from school and of course Robyn. I covered as much of my kitchen as I could with plastic table cloths and garbage bags, gave them sharpies and let them have at it. I assisted with the carving when needed but for the most part it was a free for all. The pumpkin guts were flying and I even heard suggestions of gut fights. I shut that down real quick!



After the carving was done the girls played games and snacked on chips and jello while we waited for my mom to bring pizza for dinner. I jumped on the chance to clean up the disaster, I was quite happy with how easy it was to just roll up the tablecloths with the mess inside and take it straight to the trash bin.

The pizza arrived and the girls devoured it. This was the only time of the night I saw the boys and soon after they hit the road to avoid the chaos of screaming 9 year olds. I desperately wanted to go with them. Instead, I stayed and watched reegan open her presents from friends and grandparents. She made a killing!


Some girls started leaving so we decided we better get the cake out because nobody else wanted to miss out on it.


One by one girls started leaving, accompanied by their pumpkins and treat bags and the ones that weren’t getting picked up, I drove home.


The crazy bunch

I was happy to have my house a little more silent and very pleased as Reegan made phone calls to her dad and other family members telling her how awesome her party was. It made all the stress and planning totally worth it. Happy one decade my NOT so little baby!


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