‘Tis The Season

We are well into the Christmas season and I am loving it! In my opinion, this really is the most wonderful time of the year for so many reasons! It’s not even Christmas Day I love so much, it’s all the things leading up to it.  I thought I’d share a few of the things I love about Christmas time.

1)The Decorations–There is nothing I find prettier than Christmas lights and garland everywhere! Mine went up about 2 weeks earlier than usual this year and I wish I never had to take it down. It makes my house feel so warm and cozy and my favourite thing to do is shut off all the lights in the house except a small lamp in the living room and read a book by the lit up tree.

2)The Parties–For some reason, the gatherings with friends and family this time of year feel so much more special to me. The first weekend of December we attended my staff Christmas party where we stuffed ourselves with all you can eat Chinese and had hilarious conversations with my coworkers. It was really nice to talk to people in a more relaxed setting


The second weekend we had an ugly Christmas sweater party at Brandon and Morgan’s,complete with an appearance from Santa!


3)The Shopping–I love shopping on a normal day but this time of year is so much more fun for me. Brad comes with me pretty much every time and it turns into fun dates of picking out the perfect presents for the kids. We both get so excited when we find something we know they’re going to love. I love the hustle and bustle of the stores, the Christmas carols playing everywhere and running into people you haven’t seen forever.

4)Family Activities–I have so much fun doing Christmasy things with my kids, even though the boys are older and don’t like to participate, the girls love it just as much as I do. Every year our little town has a hometown Christmas where they block off mainstreet, light up a big tree in front of town hall and all the stores stay open late and have fun activities (like gingerbread house competition and chocolate fountains) and deals. We get free hot chocolate, wander the streets, do a hayride and of course, visit Santa at town hall. It is the epitome of small town Christmas and its awesome!IMG_5069


4)Elf On A Shelf–this is not a favourite for normal reasons. Normally I hate the elf. This is a favourite because this year is the last year I have to do it! Our girls got snoopy, found some things they shouldn’t have, and realized the elf was not real. I think they were already on the fence about it but I took this opportunity as my out. I fessed up and they were surprisingly ok about it. I told them I’d continue to do it this year because it’s fun for them but next year Chip the Elf is staying in the drawer. Hallelujah!!!

I could go on and on about all my favourite Christmas traditions and activities but we would be here for days and nobody wants that haha I thought a little peak into my top favourites would suffice and now I can’t wait for actual Christmas to arrive!

Hope everyone has the Merriest of Christmases!



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