Christmas Holidays 2017

Before I get into how awesome Christmas was this year, let me enlighten you to how we have done Christmas the last 4 years with 4 kids and 2 other parents to divide them between because it’s a question I get asked A LOT.

Normally we have 2 kids for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, then those 2 go to their other parents and we get the other set for Christmas afternoon and Boxing Day. Depending on which kids we had, is where we would spend our time. For example, the years we had my kids for Christmas Eve, we spent it at my moms house in another town and then would meet their dad at noon to drop them off, pick dylan and Robyn up from their mom and go to my in laws. The next year we would do it opposite of this. This meant I spent Christmas Eve day dividing the kids presents, packing them into the vehicle and driving them to my inlaws and then the half hour to my mom’s and then doing even more driving the next day to get the kids where they need to be and all their presents to our house. It made for very chaotic, exhausting holidays and our kids didn’t even get to see each other on Christmas! This year Brad and I had enough, so I gave up my year of Christmas Eve and morning with my kids, let their dad have them, and we got all of our kids at noon on Christmas Day. It was possibly the best Christmas I’ve ever had!

Christmas fell on the tail end of our weekend without kids which was perfect. It allowed Brad and I to finish up our shopping on Friday night, have some good friends over for a game of cards, and get some quality time together before the madness started. Saturday evening my grandpa graciously took my whole extended family out to eat in the city at Luigis and even though we were child free, we borrowed our children from their other parents for a few hours.


There was about 18 of us and things got a little crazy


After dinner we stopped in at my dad’s to exchange gifts with him and my stepmom but unfortunately it was a short visit as it was getting late and we had to return our kids.

Sunday morning was glorious, other than Brad was not feeling well. We managed to sleep in (almost unheard of for me) and laze around watching Christmas for most of the day until it was time to go to Brandon and Morgan’s for Christmas Eve.


Christmas Bingo

Christmas morning was also incredibly relaxing. We once again slept in and then took our time making sure everything was ready for when the kids got home. I even made homemade hot chocolate and set up a little station complete with marshmallows and whip cream. The kids loved it and asked if it could be a new tradition.


Finally it was time to go get the kids! We had sooo much fun finally having a Christmas all together and in our own home. The girls were the best, they literally squealed, screamed and jumped up and down over a couple presents.




After presents were all opened, the kids played with their new toys for a bit and then we headed back to Brandon and Morgan’s for Christmas dinner where we did a gift exchange and once again over ate and played games.


Robyn and I were the game winners!


Boxing Day we drove the half hour to spend the afternoon with my family. We went to my moms house first to exchange gifts with her


Then we went a couple blocks to my aunt and uncles for another dinner and more gift exchanging with my extended family.



We ended up leaving the girls for a sleepover at my moms and by the time we got home I was exhausted and totally over Christmas festivities. I couldn’t wait to get into bed.

The next day I tried to get my house some what organized before I had to go back to work Thursday morning, but it just didn’t happen like I wanted. Does it ever though?

A week of nonstop activity and company and it was still one of the most relaxing Christmases I’ve ever had. It was seriously so great. I can’t wait to continue to have Christmas as the 6 of us and start some new traditions for our family


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