Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Mom guilt, it’s a terrible thing. The worst part is, I don’t even know where it came from! I never used to feel this way about every decision I make and now suddenly I feel like everything I do is somehow going to affect my children negatively. I make plans with friends, I feel bad for leaving my kids. I stay home, I worry if I’m spending enough time with my kids while I’m there, which I know I’m not because my kids would rather not hang out with me anyway lol then I worry about schooling, or their social life. Are they studying enough? Are their grades where they should be?What if they go out to much or not enough? Do I contribute enough to getting them to their social gatherings? Should I allow friends over more than I do? At the same time, trying to keep my sanity that I KNOW is slowly slipping away. This mom gig is HARD and seems to be getting harder as they get older and have their own opinions on life. Oh, and now, I have 2 more kids that I need to worry about that aren’t my own since birth and don’t really have to love me despite my terrible decision making haha what if I have a bad day (which I do a lot) and they take it personally? Or feel I don’t want time with them? The stepmom gig…HARDER.

I miss the days of small children that liked going anywhere I took them with no complaints. Or when they ate every meal I made and all the outfits I picked out. Uggghhh


This right here is a daily self reassurance for me. It could always be worse right? Mom guilt is definitely something that should have been written in “What to Expect when you’re Expecting” because this stage of parenting keeps me awake at night.

I strongly believe every mom needs to do some self care. Or self medicate, either one works haha but seriously mamas, take time for you. Go out with friends, get in the tub with that glass (or 2) of wine, watch a chick flick and ugly cry, hit up a yoga class, do whatever it is YOU need to wash away that guilt and recharge, and do it WITHOUT feeling guilty. You won’t regret it.


Anyone else suffer from major “mom guilt”?

What are some ways you get some guilt free mom time?



More And More Family Time

Just incase the holiday season wasn’t packed full of fun family activities, our house hold spent last weekend doing even more. Wait, correction, Brad and the kids did fun stuff, I was stuck at work all weekend.  Boooo. Because of this, there will be no pictures in this post haha

Friday we decided to utilize all the movie passes my mom gave us for Christmas and hit the theatres for Pitch Perfect 3 (my mom included).  There were mixed reviews, some of the kids loved it and some did not. It’s not my favourite of the Pitch Perfects but it was still pretty good, it helps that I’m a sucker for “Fat Amy”.

Saturday I begrudgingly went to work before the sun was up and the fam jam slept to their hearts content. The girls made plans with my mom to have a sleepover that night so bead met her in the town halfway between ours and hers and then came home to have an airsoft war at our local fishpond with the boys and one of Briggs’ friends. I made it home before them, with pizza in hand and enjoyed the half hour to myself. The boys arrived home with all kinds of war stories and ate quickly before they had to get ready to head to the city. Dylan recently had a birthday so to celebrate, Brad took Briggs, Dylan and our nephew Ace to a WHL game. I once again enjoyed the silence and had a quiet evening home alone relaxing before having to go back to work the next day.

Sunday I was a tired wreck at work due to us letting the boys have Ace sleep over which resulted in me being kept awake until 1am. Normally I’d be pretty angry but I have a bit of a soft spot for our sweet nephew so I did my best to suffer in silence. I drug my but around all day and got home just in time for Brad to go meet my mom again so Dylan and Robyn could go back to their mom and Reegan could come home.

I barely mustered up the energy to go to my inlaws and some friends house before coming home to make dinner and then hitting my bed for the evening.

So, that was our weekend, even a boring weekend at home never stays boring for us and I am most certainly looking forward to a somewhat peaceful weekend coming up of just Brad and I.



Family Traditions

All I can hear as I try and write this is Hank Williams Jr. singing “Family Traditions” in the back of my head. Great. Even though our traditions aren’t quite the same as Hanks, our little family definitely has a few of our own. Boxing day shopping is probably one of the the favourites.

Every Christmas our kids manage to score a couple hundred dollars in cash and gift cards and we pick a day to hit the city and blow it all on boxing week sales. We don’t usually go on actual Boxing Day due to dinners, but nobody minds.

This year we had to wait until the Saturday after Christmas because that was Brads next day off. We got to a bit of a late start due to laziness but we managed to get the kids fed lunch and headed out around 1:00pm. Of course we hit a hitch in our plan as soon as we tried to drive away, for some reason our power steering wasn’t working and we could see a trail of fluid all the way down the snowy driveway. Back in the house me and the kids went where tears flowed and disappointment was everywhere. Brad immediately looked under the hood, called around for advice and headed to a friends to try and figure out the problem. Low and behold about an hour later he had managed to find AND fix what was wrong! Turns out a hose had come off and it was an easy fix. He’s seriously my hero! The kids were so relieved and couldn’t wait to hit the highway.


We figured out which stores closed earliest and hit them first and then headed to the mall to do a majority of our shopping. I love taking the kids shopping when they have their own money to spend instead of mine, they suddenly are aware of prices and sales and they have a very hard time deciding if something is worth their money. I feel like yelling at them “Welcome to the real world suckers!” Haha

Our mall has recently gotten these oversized stuffed animal looking things that you can rent and ride around the mall. Dylan and the girls decided this was something worth their money, Briggs of course, was too cool.



Watching them race and occasionally run into eachother was hilarious! The girls had to get off theirs for a couple minutes to wait in line for booster juice so Brad and I had a little fun of our own on them and I used the opportunity to embarrass Briggs as much as I could.

Soon their time was up and we were getting hungry and tired of shopping. We decided to finish up and head to little Caesars for some pizza. It’s seriously one of the best places to fill up a big family and not spend a fortune.


By the time we finished eating it was around 7pm and we still had 2 places to stop. Needless to say by the time we finished at these places it was super late we were soooo ready to go home. This is when Dylan’s nose decided to start bleeding profusely and we had to spend a good 15 minutes in the Costco parking lot waiting for it to stop. That was our cue, time to go home.

This might be the first year the kids have come home from this adventure with money left over, I was pretty impressed. It was also the first year I couldn’t buy anything because brad and I are saving up for a trip in the spring, it was pure toture for me really haha  All in all it was time well spent with my adorable  fam jam.



NYE 2017

Does anyone else think New Year’s Eve is totally overrated? I personally am not a fan. I don’t see the need for big fancy celebrations that never go as planned. Don’t even get me started on the resolutions that nobody follows through on. To me New Years is nothing but an end to Christmas. I actually feel relief when it’s over, decorations can come down and life can somewhat go back to normal. If it wasn’t for my kids and husband who insist on celebrating, I’d gladly stay home and watch movies until midnight.

Just like every other holiday, we alternate our kids with their other parents and this year was our turn to have them for New Years, so despite me wanting to stay home, we planned a small gathering with Brad’s brothers and their kids.

We started the night off by renting our local curling rink for a couple hours. It’s two lanes so we thought adults could take one and the kids could take the other but instead the kids spent the time playing twister and hide and seek while the adults curled haha



Briggs and Dylan only came on the ice so they had room to throw a ball around.

We didn’t have quite enough adults to make 2 teams as our group consisted of me, Brad, Brandon and Morgan, my BIL Ryan, Ryan’s ex wife Miranda and her husband, Adam (yes, you read that right) but we had a blast. The highlight was definitely the multiple times Brandon fell down haha



After a couple hours we headed to Brandon and Morgan’s where more friends arrived. We tried to play some games but it got too loud and we eventually ended up just visiting while the kids ran wild with their cousins.



Our kids were already exhausted and a couple of them had asked if we could leave before midnight, but we toughed it out and made it long enough to celebrate with everyone. Finally, 2018 had hit and we could go to bed.


I think Ruby felt the same way I did

Most people think of the new year as a fresh start, I don’t get it. I’m exhausted, broke from Christmas, ready for my kids to go back to school, and living in total chaos and piles of cardboard because the dump is on holiday hours. Im going to need a couple weeks of major organization before “fresh” is a thing for me haha

Happy New Year everyone!