NYE 2017

Does anyone else think New Year’s Eve is totally overrated? I personally am not a fan. I don’t see the need for big fancy celebrations that never go as planned. Don’t even get me started on the resolutions that nobody follows through on. To me New Years is nothing but an end to Christmas. I actually feel relief when it’s over, decorations can come down and life can somewhat go back to normal. If it wasn’t for my kids and husband who insist on celebrating, I’d gladly stay home and watch movies until midnight.

Just like every other holiday, we alternate our kids with their other parents and this year was our turn to have them for New Years, so despite me wanting to stay home, we planned a small gathering with Brad’s brothers and their kids.

We started the night off by renting our local curling rink for a couple hours. It’s two lanes so we thought adults could take one and the kids could take the other but instead the kids spent the time playing twister and hide and seek while the adults curled haha



Briggs and Dylan only came on the ice so they had room to throw a ball around.

We didn’t have quite enough adults to make 2 teams as our group consisted of me, Brad, Brandon and Morgan, my BIL Ryan, Ryan’s ex wife Miranda and her husband, Adam (yes, you read that right) but we had a blast. The highlight was definitely the multiple times Brandon fell down haha



After a couple hours we headed to Brandon and Morgan’s where more friends arrived. We tried to play some games but it got too loud and we eventually ended up just visiting while the kids ran wild with their cousins.



Our kids were already exhausted and a couple of them had asked if we could leave before midnight, but we toughed it out and made it long enough to celebrate with everyone. Finally, 2018 had hit and we could go to bed.


I think Ruby felt the same way I did

Most people think of the new year as a fresh start, I don’t get it. I’m exhausted, broke from Christmas, ready for my kids to go back to school, and living in total chaos and piles of cardboard because the dump is on holiday hours. Im going to need a couple weeks of major organization before “fresh” is a thing for me haha

Happy New Year everyone!


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