More And More Family Time

Just incase the holiday season wasn’t packed full of fun family activities, our house hold spent last weekend doing even more. Wait, correction, Brad and the kids did fun stuff, I was stuck at work all weekend.  Boooo. Because of this, there will be no pictures in this post haha

Friday we decided to utilize all the movie passes my mom gave us for Christmas and hit the theatres for Pitch Perfect 3 (my mom included).  There were mixed reviews, some of the kids loved it and some did not. It’s not my favourite of the Pitch Perfects but it was still pretty good, it helps that I’m a sucker for “Fat Amy”.

Saturday I begrudgingly went to work before the sun was up and the fam jam slept to their hearts content. The girls made plans with my mom to have a sleepover that night so bead met her in the town halfway between ours and hers and then came home to have an airsoft war at our local fishpond with the boys and one of Briggs’ friends. I made it home before them, with pizza in hand and enjoyed the half hour to myself. The boys arrived home with all kinds of war stories and ate quickly before they had to get ready to head to the city. Dylan recently had a birthday so to celebrate, Brad took Briggs, Dylan and our nephew Ace to a WHL game. I once again enjoyed the silence and had a quiet evening home alone relaxing before having to go back to work the next day.

Sunday I was a tired wreck at work due to us letting the boys have Ace sleep over which resulted in me being kept awake until 1am. Normally I’d be pretty angry but I have a bit of a soft spot for our sweet nephew so I did my best to suffer in silence. I drug my but around all day and got home just in time for Brad to go meet my mom again so Dylan and Robyn could go back to their mom and Reegan could come home.

I barely mustered up the energy to go to my inlaws and some friends house before coming home to make dinner and then hitting my bed for the evening.

So, that was our weekend, even a boring weekend at home never stays boring for us and I am most certainly looking forward to a somewhat peaceful weekend coming up of just Brad and I.



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