Mommin’ Ain’t Easy

Mom guilt, it’s a terrible thing. The worst part is, I don’t even know where it came from! I never used to feel this way about every decision I make and now suddenly I feel like everything I do is somehow going to affect my children negatively. I make plans with friends, I feel bad for leaving my kids. I stay home, I worry if I’m spending enough time with my kids while I’m there, which I know I’m not because my kids would rather not hang out with me anyway lol then I worry about schooling, or their social life. Are they studying enough? Are their grades where they should be?What if they go out to much or not enough? Do I contribute enough to getting them to their social gatherings? Should I allow friends over more than I do? At the same time, trying to keep my sanity that I KNOW is slowly slipping away. This mom gig is HARD and seems to be getting harder as they get older and have their own opinions on life. Oh, and now, I have 2 more kids that I need to worry about that aren’t my own since birth and don’t really have to love me despite my terrible decision making haha what if I have a bad day (which I do a lot) and they take it personally? Or feel I don’t want time with them? The stepmom gig…HARDER.

I miss the days of small children that liked going anywhere I took them with no complaints. Or when they ate every meal I made and all the outfits I picked out. Uggghhh


This right here is a daily self reassurance for me. It could always be worse right? Mom guilt is definitely something that should have been written in “What to Expect when you’re Expecting” because this stage of parenting keeps me awake at night.

I strongly believe every mom needs to do some self care. Or self medicate, either one works haha but seriously mamas, take time for you. Go out with friends, get in the tub with that glass (or 2) of wine, watch a chick flick and ugly cry, hit up a yoga class, do whatever it is YOU need to wash away that guilt and recharge, and do it WITHOUT feeling guilty. You won’t regret it.


Anyone else suffer from major “mom guilt”?

What are some ways you get some guilt free mom time?



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