Valentines 2018

Oh Valentines Day, a day of love and romance and sweet gifts. Unless you’re me. I am wildly unromantic and feel this day is an overrated money grab. Somehow I managed to marry a super sweet romantic man and even though it’s never anything huge, he always manages to outshine me on Valentine’s and make me feel like a real jerk haha for example, this year he brought home a bottle of coke (my fav), a gift card to Tim Hortons, a bag of my favourite candy and a handmade paper flower because I hate real ones. All of this was accompanied by a sweet love note.


You know what I got him? A bag of almond m&m’s that came in my popcorn combo at the movies the night before…..but I saved them especially for him because they’re his favourite so that counts right?? I know, I know, I’m the worst haha

We did actually have plans for the evening of shopping for vacation clothes and fast food (seriously, we are not fancy people) and my mom was going to drive to our house to make dinner for our kids and spend some time with them, but because we’ve been having the worst winter in years, a storm rolled in and the roads were too awful for any of us to be driving on the highways. So we made dinner a little early, ran to the store for treats for the family, rented a movie and Brad and I closed ourselves up on our bedroom for a very romantic night of the newest “Saw” movie.


Im not going to lie, I was just as happy doing this as I would’ve been going to the city and I’m sure Brad was relieved because I’m not always so easy to please haha

Anyone else have to change their Valentines plans due to the weather?


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