One Year Blogiversary!

I’ve officially been a blogger for one whole year! I have to say, it’s been more of a struggle than I expected. In my head my family is super hilarious and interesting so why wouldn’t people want to read about us haha what I’ve learned though, we are only interesting when the weather is nice and we actually get out and do things. These cold winter months have been killer this year and getting out and about hasn’t happened very much therefore coming up with things to blog about has been HARD.

Struggles aside, I have really loved having a platform to share our adventures on and it gives me a little bit of my own hobby instead of just being “mom”. It’s something for just me that I can share with others.

I know lots of people want their blog to eventually become a business and make some cash, which would be really cool, but I certainly don’t have any big dreams for “Well Blended”. I’d love to build a bigger fan base however and I’m always excited when I get a new follower. I definitely love running into people in our small town and hearing them say they love reading my blog, it warms my heart to say the least.

So thanks to everyone that has stopped by, took a quick read or followed faithfully for the last year, it’s greatly appreciated! I hope you keep popping in for future endeavours!



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