Adulting So Hard

This past week has been one grown up triumph after another and I’m totally exhausted. Before I dive into what I’ve been doing, let me give you a little background information.

Rewind 8 or 9 years to where it all went wrong. I was in a crappy relationship where I was the only one bringing in an income, which meant I was the only one paying rent, bills, groceries and any extra expenses, which meant I fell behind on everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Car payments went to collections, so there went my credit. Couldn’t afford insurance which made for crazy amounts of tickets. Couldn’t afford to pay the tickets and couldn’t  renew my license because of said tickets. These problems followed me around for years, snowballing into even more problems, even long after that relationship was over. I haven’t been able to get ahead or put my name on anything since.

Back to the present. We decided it’s time to get a new car, meaning we had to talk to our banker and figure a few things out. She decided it was a good time to check my credit even though I really didn’t want to because it’s been so bad for so long but with much persuading from Brad, I agreed. And guess what! My bad credit was gone!! I didn’t have good credit, just no credit history at all. This meant I can actually put my name on financial things and build my credit up. This was a HUGE relief. Especially since it meant we could actually get a car. Adulting win!

Car shopping was no easy job. We scoured the internet for weeks constantly bickering because I had my mind made up on what I wanted (a black or dark grey Dodge Charger) and Brad was all practical and responsible, taking into consideration fuel mileage, how many kilometres it already had on it, etc, etc. In the end we managed to find exactly what we wanted. A black Dodge Charger that met all of Bradley’s requirements. Hooray!!

Next was my insane amount of tickets. I felt pretty awesome walking into the courthouse on Monday and paying them all off. Every single one of them, gone! I was now able to get a license.

I headed straight to a license and registration place to write my learners exam. Which by the way, was not as easy as you would think. I was super nervous, but I passed! I was able to legally drive with an adult haha Before leaving, I booked an appointment for the next day to take my road test.

I was a ball of nerves the whole next day waiting for 4:30. Briggs tried his best to encourage me by saying “Mom, you’re smarter than my friends and if they can pass it, you can too.” Haha He wasn’t wrong, I passed this exam too!! Robyn later told me the only reason she was excited was because now I can take her a Reegan on a girls trip for her birthday hahaha

Bright and early Tuesday morning Brad called our insurance company and got me put on the vehicle insurance. I am now a fully licensed and insured driver!!


Now I get to enjoy this bad boy!

I realize these are all normal things for adults to already have, but in my life, it’s some major, major accomplishments. I feel like I’ve finally ended a very terrible chapter of my life and I can’t wait for the opportunities that will be open to us now because of it. There is really no better feeling than finally getting of the hot mess express haha






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