Finally a Carefree Weekend

Speaking of keeping busy around here, Brad and I had finally had a weekend to ourselves that was not full of hospital visits or funeral plans. For the first time in months we actually got to make some fun plans on a kid free weekend!

Friday afternoon/night we headed out to our friends farm that’s just this side of the Canadian/US boarder to do some gopher shooting. It’s a pretty popular past time around here, it’s super fun for us Alberta rednecks and it cuts down on the rodent population in the farmers field, really it’s a win/win for everyone haha we literally drove in circles around a field drinking adult beverages a shooting guns. Sounds totally responsible right?



You can’t really beat the view either

After a few hours of this we went in for some pizza, guitar playing, and cards. It was great to get out of our little town and enjoy some time with friends we actually don’t get to spend a lot of time with.


These 2 and their music ❤️

Saturday Brad and I decided we needed a day just the 2 of us and we planned a whole day date. We headed to the city where Brad drug me to a couple garage sales (not my forte) and I drug him to the mall haha We had lunch at a new Mexican joint called Mucho Burrito and then shopped until our feet couldn’t take it anymore. Brad managed to get himself a whole new wardrobe for our upcoming trip and if you’ve ever seen Brad’s wardrobe, it was much needed! We grabbed dinner at the food court, wasted some time at the arcade (don’t tell our kids) and hit a 7:00 movie. These are seriously my very favourite kind of days!

We spent Sunday relaxing and doing small chores around the house trying to prepare for the upcoming week with all 4 kids at home.

It felt like I actually got to sit back and relax for the first time in awhile and I thoroughly appreciated it.


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