Vacation Mode

Its been awhile since I’ve posted anything but honestly, all we’ve been doing is going to funerals and visiting Brads Dad in the hospital (he’s out now btw) Nobody wants to read about doom and gloom all the time. That’s about to change though as Brad and I leave for Mexico today!!! So get ready, because the next few posts will be about our tropical adventure!

After months and months of waiting and an already cancelled trip, we FINALLY get to run away for week. We are heading for Calgary today with our friends Adam and Jess, and Matt and Paula. We will be staying in a hotel over night and flying out tomorrow morning, I am so excited I can barely sleep, hence why it’s 7:30am and I’m up writing a blog haha

Traveling to new places is always so exciting but so is the preparation leading up to the actual trip. I’m not even kidding, I LOVE the packing, the organizing, the shopping (according to Brad I’ve done too much), and getting the details in order. Not to mention the fun things that are obviously “necessary” for a trip. For instance Jess and I had a wonderful evening of side by side mani/pedis to get ourselves beach ready



Aren’t they cute!? My toenails even match 

As I’ve spent the week being way too excited, the kids have spent the week starving to death and complaining about the lack of food in the house. I don’t know about you guys, but the week before a trip, our groceries take a serious back seat. I buy very minimal and we live off leftovers. Everyone hates it but no way am I wasting food, or worse, coming home to rotting food. Yuck!

Does anyone else hate coming home to a messy house after vacation? I sure do, so that means it’s a cleaning frenzy around here. I’ve been totally on top of laundry, messes and dishes this week just so I can make sure I have time to run those last loads through the washing machine and the dishwasher. Seriously, my family hates me this week haha

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats the excitement of the last few days before leaving when I actually get to put my stuff in my suitcases. It makes it feel real and it’s by far my favourite part. My OCD just loves checking my lists (I’ve made several) and organizing those bags.  My uncle Dave was here while I did this and he was a little horrified at my need for 7 bathing suits. Ummm one for every day, helloo haha


Oh the satisfaction 

We get asked a lot what we are doing with our kids when we travel and it always makes me laugh a little and I usually reply with “well they have other parents” haha It’s a little easier for Dylan and Robyn because nothing really changes other than they miss their 2 dinners at our house that week. Briggs and Reegan however, have to be driven from 30 minutes away and spend the evenings in the city at their dads. I’m very grateful they have a grandma who is willing to do this so we are able to leave.

I don’t think I have ever needed a vacation more than I do right now. I feel like I’ve waited years for this one and I can not WAIT to get on the road today! Stay tuned for my up coming posts about our Mexican getaway!


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