Mexico 2018 Day 1 & 2

Well we made it to paradise! What a crazy first couple days.

Monday we were up early to catch our 9:30 flight and we were soooo excited. We breezed through check in and security and the 2 hour wait  to board flew by. Brad and I managed to land a window seat so I was pretty happy about that


We set up our snacks and  iPad that we had previously downloaded movies on to and tried to enjoy the flight. I’m a pretty nervous flyer and I the five hour flight was only slightly painful for me haha finally we landed in cancun! I couldn’t get off the plane fast enough. We gathered our friends and baggage and headed for our bus for the hour long ride to our resort the Grand Bahia Principe Coba. We had some drinks and made some friends but by the time we got off the bus we were so done with traveling.


It was pretty late by the time we got there that all we really got to do was check in, set up our reservations at the a la carte restaurants and eat at the buffet. We all hit the hay totally exhausted.

Tuesday was our first full day and oh boy, it was a good one. We got breakfast at the buffet and headed to the beach. We were totally disappointed to see our beach and water completely covered in seaweed. Turns out it’s been overrun for a few months now. Luckily our resort is three in one so we headed one beach over so we could snap some pics and Paula and I took a quick swim. The water was unbelievably warm, like a bath tub.



We headed back to the pool and this is where things got more than a little rowdy. The husbands hit the swim up bar, and they hit it hard. Our relaxing pool day turned  into a full out rock show provided by Brad, Adam and the live band. I certainly wasn’t innocent, but I was in better shape than all 3 men.



By 2pm the boys were in serious need of food, water, and naps. Trying to wrangle them into this was like herding cats.

3 hours later we were ready to start fresh and head to our Mexican a la cart. It was super fun to get dressed up and head to a fancy dinner.



A couple night caps and we were all ready for an early bed time.

Get ready for the next few days because they were busy ones!


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