Mexico 2018 (Day 3 & 4)

These we’re by far our busiest days which, unfortunately, made them fly by.

A couple weeks before we left home, we booked an excursion online to save some money on it and Wednesday was our day to go. We loaded on a bus at 8am and headed to Xplore eco park about 30 minuets away. I’ll be posting in a separate post for this because it was sooo fun and there was so much to do that it needs the spotlight. We spent the day zip lining, driving atvs, and swimming in caves. Such a blast!




We arrived back at our resort in time for dinner at the buffet and then headed to the shopping area and casino. Us girls did some browsing while the boys went to do some gambling.


Met this guy in our travels

We met up at the casino and played the slot machines while we waited for the guys to finish at the black jack table. I managed to win myself $20! Not much and it sounded way better in pesos, but I’ll take the extra spending money haha


Me and my winnings 

Thursday morning the boys got up bright and early and headed off to our resorts golf course for their 9am tee time. I was pretty sure they were going to melt in the heat. Us girls were smarter about things and decided to spend the morning at the beach. We picked a spot down the shore at Akumal hotel where there was no sea weed and set up camp. The water and sand was so beautiful and we had a quiet, relaxing morning.



I couldn’t believe all the pretty fish that literally swarmed around us.

Eventually we had to leave our loungers because they were reserved for guests of akumal and we technically weren’t supposed to be on them, so we packed up and headed to our pool to wait for the boys so we could head into the town of Playa Del Carmen.

We paid a little extra cash and got a private bus to drive us the 40 minutes into town. He also waited the 3 hours for us a drove us back. Money well spent I’d say! We walked down the main drag of 5th Avenue shopping, snacking and drinking until we hit our destination of Senior Frogs. I can honestly say, I’ve never been offered drugs so much in my entire life! It seemed like every m2 minutes we were approached. I almost needed a sign that said “sorry, not my thing” haha



Playa Del Carmen Beach

THis is where things got a little crazy, we ordered drinks and the waitress came to our table and just started pouring shots into our mouths. We all left a little tipsy to say the least.




We got back to the resort and hit the buffet again and then it was bed time for me because I was was totally exhausted.

We have been making some of the best memories on this trip!


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