Mexico 2018 (Day 7 & 8)

The ending of vacation is always so bittersweet. By the last couple days I was ready to head home, I missed the kids and I was pretty exhausted, yet at the same time I did not want to leave paradise. Who really ever does though?

Sunday was our last actual day there and it was pretty much the same as the last 2. Brad, Paula and I headed to the beach after breakfast for one last ocean swim.



Then it was back to the pool for an afternoon at the swim up bar and floating around.


We did switch it up a bit by going to the buffet for lunch instead of the snack bar by the pool haha


We found a stage set up outside the buffet that made for a great photo op!

Adam had been dying all week to participate in the 4:00 crazy games at one of the other pools and he finally got his chance! He was totally hilarious to watch in the dance competition and he even won the belly flop contest haha the rest of us had a great time hootin, hollerin and cheering him on.

That night we had our last a la carte dinner booked at the Mediterranean restaurant, but it wasn’t until 9:30 so we decided to go to the hacienda one last time to finish our souvenir shopping.


Then it was off to dinner! I’ve never been to a Mediterranean restaurant before and it was pretty interesting how they come to every table and cut your meat right off the skewer. I tried just about every kind of meat there was including lamb, which was surprisingly delicious!

We all called it an early night after dinner because we were beat and had a long day ahead of us.

Monday morning we grabbed breakfast on the buffet and boarded our bus to Cancún at 9am. I was a little sad to be heading home but enjoyed the scenery on the hour long drive.


By the time we checked our bags and got through security it was lunch time and Paula and I realized we had spent a week in Mexico and had not eaten one taco! So we sought out a burrito bar for us 2 and Brad and the rest ate ate a burger joint next door. We thouroughly enjoyed the biggest burritos of our lives! I had seen a sign for a margaritaville and vowed I was not leaving until I found it. It took a little searching but Jess and I eventually found it and my husband was not entirely thrilled I spent $40 Canadian on a beach towel. In my defence, it was $26 American haha


Isn’t it cute though!?

Soon after we wee on our plane heading home (a Disney “Frozen” plane actually) and around 6pm we were back in Calgary. I’d like to say safely but because it was so windy, we had the scariest landing! I definitely swore and panicked to which the couple next to me thought was hilarious, but we managed to land without injury so I was happy. Jess called for our shuttle while we were still on the plane and they said they’d be out front waiting in 30 minuets. It took us about that long to get through customs and pick up our baggage and just as we were walking out, our shuttle drove away with someone else it it! We were ticked. We ended up calling 2 more times and waiting for an hour for the guy to come back. By the way, when you leave plus 40 temperatures in shorts and then land in cold windy Canada, it’s a bit of a shock haha. By the time we made it to our vehicle at the hotel, we had to turn the heat on.  We hit the first McDonald’s we saw and then high tailed it for home. We pulled in our driveway at about 11:45 Monday night. With the time change this made for about 15 hours of travelling, I was totally over it.

We had a great time away and made amazing memories, we’ve been home almost a week and I’m ready to start planning another getaway haha it’s true what they say, once you catch the travel bug, good luck getting rid of it!


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