Beaver Mines Weekend

Camping is Brad’s very favourite summer activity, mine, not so much. Unless it’s 30 above and there’s a lake. This past weekend had a lake and a lot of rain. Needless to say, it was not my ideal weekend getaway.

We arrived about lunchtime on Friday with Brad’s parents and our friends Cody and Cara. It wasn’t terrible weather but it wasn’t as warm as I like. We set up camp quickly and headed out fishing. Mostly just the men fished and ya woman sat around gabbing.



After a while of nobody catching anything we went back to camp for some bbq burgers and a fire. As the weather got colder, we went into my in laws camper to spend the night playing dice and card games.

Saturday morning we woke up to clouds and rain. My worst camping nightmare. Cara and the boys headed out for more fishing and Viv and I hunkered down in our campers where we spent most of the day reading and napping. Eventually everyone else came back with a couple fish in hand! Just as we were cooking up fresh fish and smokies, Ryan and Rachel arrived with a new nephew Tynan.  We ate lunch (I finally tried fish!) and we loaded up for a drive to castle falls. My father in law tried some fly fishing but the falls were going way too fast for any fishing to be done.55E82D67-41D9-44D5-AC99-4DB5E7981BA2 Instead we started a debate of who should jump into the freezing rapids first. Before we knew it, Cody just took a leap! That started it. In went Brad. Rachel and I had been debating it but neither of us had swim suits. Next, Cara went with Cody (his second time) so we decided we better go too. We both took off our bras and pants and took the blind leap in just shirts and underwear.


This was by far, the coldest water I have ever been in!!

As soon as I hit the water I regretted it haha I don’t know what we were thinking jumping in fresh mountain water on a cold rainy day haha I almost couldn’t catch my breath enough to get out of the water it was just that cold. Despite the probable hypothermia, it was totally worth it, we had so much fun! We tried and tried to convince Ryan but he wasn’t having it so back to camp we went for bbq steak and potatoes and an evening of visiting around the fire.

Sunday morning was my day! It was sunny and hot! Ryan and Rachel had vanished in the night, which we found out later was due to sleeping issues, but Cara and the boys were up early to try their hand at fishing again. Unfortunately they once again had no luck. Brad’s Dad came back not feeling well so while he napped, Brad, me and Cody and Cara set off on a walk to take in the gorgeous mountain views.



Cody and Cara had to leave soon for Cody’s work and my in laws left so Bob could be sick in the comfort of his own home, so that left Brad and I a few hours to ourselves which we filled with fishing and floating on the lake. This was what I had been waiting for all weekend! I was so sad when it was time for us to leave.

The rain sucked but the company mixed with the fresh air and breathtaking scenery made up for it. I never get tired of the mountains.


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