Xplore Eco Park (Mayan Riviera)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Explore Park deserves its own blog, so here it is!

It was the only excursion we did on our trip and it was well worth the nearly $400 (Canadian) that we paid for the 2 of us. At first I thought that was pretty pricey but it was an all day excursion and included our ride to and from our resort, a buffet lunch and a photo package. Our group of 6 booked all together and then split the cost so that everyone could take advantage of the photo package. It was sooo worth it! Prepare yourself for a post of mostly pictures because they’re all so great and I had a hard time choosing just a couple. There’s cameras set up everywhere in this park and all you have to do is scan your wristbands barcode and strike a pose. We turned into the biggest posers around haha Xplore is one of many eco parks in the Mayan Riviera which means it’s very earth friendly and they check your sunscreen and bug spray upon arrival to make sure it’s environmentally friendly. Even the dishes they use are all glass and real silverware as opposed to plastic so they can be washed and reused.

As soon as we got checked in and given our helmets we were off to the “heart” of the park. This is the very Center and every path in the park eventually crosses here. It was also our first photo op


It took us a few tries to figure out where we were supposed to be looking for the cameras and there’s more than one picture of us looking in the wrong direction haha8A94C10A-9415-4EF4-9289-F72BD66D047AThere’s handy boards telling you which activities are open, full or just moderately busy. We decided on the amphibious vehicles first and had to wait in a little bit of a line up before we were loaded into a glorified golf cart made to look like an ATV. Ours seemed to be the slow one of the pack but we still had a blast driving through the jungly paths and through the watery underground caves.





Couldn’t resist a chance to ham it up for the camera

The trail ended sooner than we wanted but we were excited for the next activity. We quickly decided on the zip lining. It was pretty much the whole reason we chose this park. We got a quick lesson in how to hold on, which way to lean safely and how to land on the other side and then we were off! Unfortunately it required a lot of walking and hiking and stair climbing which we were not prepared for. Let me just point out, I am TERRIFIED of heights so I did my best not to freak out or look down until I was safely at the top. The views and the adrenaline rush were one hundred percent worth the heart palpitations!




Even scarier than the zip lines, was the suspension bridge, for me anyway. I did not like it one bit. I waited for everyone but Bradley to cross before I would step foot on it. I stopped long enough to take a couple pictures and then I had to hurry off. I’m a huge chicken, I know hahaD4496FA3-7D72-4F2C-AAC8-16E5C2F5353E

The last zip line of the circuit was my favourite. We sat in little hammocks and zipped into some incredibly refreshing water. After hours in the hot Mexican sun, this was sweet relief.


By this time we had worked up an appetite so we went to the buffet for some of the best food I have ever had! Oh. My. Goodness. We ate ourselves silly. We also had started overheating again so we were totally ready for the last 2 activities that were water based. We walked and walked for what seemed like an hour, and finally made it to the under ground paddle rafts. We could choose double rafts or single rafts and we each chose single. We strapped little paddles to our hands and off we went. It quickly turned into a little race between Adam and I. I made sure to gloat as I pulled in the lead. We spent the next 20 minutes or so paddling through the caves and hitting all the camera spots. Every single one of us had sore arms by the end of it and I happily pointed out that I arrived to the ending point ahead of every one else. I may or may not have gently nudged the raft of an unknown couple out of the way to get this title haha



Last but not least was the cave swimming. I loved every minute of it and was so excited for it that I belly flopped right into the water. Some parts were lit up by underwater lights which made the water look really cool. We also saw quite a few bats on the ceilings! We took our time splashing around, drowning each other and of course, posing haha at the end of the caves we swam through a water fall into a huge opening that looks waaaay up to the zipliners, then another waterfall and we were out. This might have been my favourite part of the day



By the end of the day we were exhausted! We still had a few hours to kill so we did the hammock zipline again, hit up the all day smoothie bar (included in the price) and took a nap in some hammocks. I couldn’t wait to see the photos from the day. There were so many different places with cameras set up, I knew they were going to be hilarious






Overall, this excursion was well, well worth the money. The price included everything we needed (except water shoes, we brought our own) and there was so much to do! I probably could’ve done without the rafts but still a fun experience. The zip lining was totally different than the ones Brad and I did in Peurta Vallarta a few years before and I found myself constantly comparing Xplore to those ones. Xplore is very touristy and commercialized with crowds everywhere. The ones we did in PV  were literally on an island, in a jungle, with about 10 other people. It was more authentic where Xplore was more amusement park.  However, don’t let that discourage you, I still had a fantastic day and would totally recommend it to anyone!


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