Summer Lovin’

Oh how I love summer!! I don’t know if its because I was born in August or what, but I adore this time of year. I’m a total sun worshiper and there’s nothing I love more than finding some water and basking in the sun on a hot summer day. My days off this year have been spent in our soft sided pool, getting my tan on.


What’s not to love about summer though? Other than the mosquitoes haha it’s possibly the most relaxing time of year, everyone seems to hit a “summer mode” where it’s like constant holidays, around here anyway. Bed times go out the window for my kids, they’ve been sleeping in until almost noon, my house is for sure messier with kids home every day and who wants to stay inside and clean? Not me! Weekdays are filled with friends and swimming


And weekends are packed full of fun activities like camping, days/evenings at the lake, and one of our favourites, motorbike rides. The boys usually do a lot of dirt biking, but Brad and Briggs had their dirt bikes stolen out of our shed a few weeks back so now the boys have been spending a lot of time at the local golf course, working in their swing.


Can’t forget the gorgeous views from the bike!



What would summer be without some soft ball action?? Every Monday evening me, Brad and our boys play on a team with friends and family, in our towns rec league. It’s a sport we all love and it’s so fun to get out and be active in the community.AA1BA0E2-48CA-456A-8AB2-89291F617C24And of course summer always, always brings fireworks! Our kids love packing up blankets and treats and watching a late night firework show.


I don’t know about anyone else, but our summers book up sooooo fast! We only have one weekend this entire summer that doesn’t already have something planned. I’m really excited about the activities we’ve planned but unfortunately it makes the summers fly by and we often miss out on things because it’s too hard to do everything. I could easily use another month of summer around here.

Anyone else have favourite summer activities? Let’s hear them!


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