Overnighter In Coram, MT

My dad has been wanting to do a bike trip of some kind with us for about the last 3 summers and it never seems to work out, so finally we found a couple free days and we made a plan. Bright and early Saturday morning we headed off on the bikes for an over night adventure.

My step mom Kelly had never been over Logan’s Pass and I was super excited to take her to one of our favourite places. We made sure we pulled over at our favourite stops on “Going to the sun road” so she could take in the total beauty of it. She loved it, but really, how could you not?



By the time we got to the other side and through West Glacier, we were starving. Luckily the town we were staying in was also home of our favourite biker pub/bar so we headed straight there for some grub. If you’re ever going through Coram, you need to stop at Packers Roost, the food is to die for!


Hanging up our signed dollar bill 

After lunch, and a good ten minute search for Kelly’s sunglasses that we couldn’t find, we went to check in to the little, one bedroom cabins we had rented for the night. Speaking of to die for, these cabins were the cutest! I could’ve stayed for a week. The only problem they were located next to a highway instead of a lake.




We went to our separate cabins, dropped our luggage off and then met up in my parents cabin to decide what to do next. As I was sitting on the couch I looked over and there was Kelly’s sunglasses! Turns out I had put them on in the restaurant thinking they were mine, and the whole time we were searching for them, they were on my face! Haha I felt pretty silly about that one. There was a little outdoor family fun center right around the corner so we decided to spend our afternoon there and were pleasantly surprised at how much fun we had. We raced go carts, almost died of heat stroke playing mini golf, and laughed until we cried on the bumper boats.




Kelley and I left completely soaked from getting caught in the fountain at the bumper boats and had to change as soon as we got back to the cabins, but it was sure refreshing. We spent the evening sitting on our front deck, visiting, enjoying some drinks and ordering pizza from the restaurant across the road. It was an awesome end to a fun day


Sunday morning we stopped at a gas station restaurant for breakfast and were blown away at the portion sizes. We almost couldn’t finish them!


Brads pancakes were bigger than my head

We headed home over Mariah’s pass this time, which is flatter than Logan’s, but equally gorgeous. One quick stop at the “Snow Slip” pub and then it was straight to the boarder.



I was 100 percent exhausted by the time we got home but it was totally worth it!



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