Last Half Of Yellowstone 2018

The last 3 days of our trip were filled with…you guessed it, more driving!

Monday we decided to head to Jackson Hole Wyoming, it looked like a shorter distance on the park map and google maps said it was only 2 hours which we didn’t think was so bad, so we made a plan to hit a geyser Robyn was dying to see, and old Faithful on the way.

They first stop was more of a lake than a geyser but it’s a big attraction in the park and it probably took us longer to find somewhere to park than to actually look at it. It was quite the sight!


There was a lookout across the way where you could get a Birdseye view of it but it was a pretty big hike and none of us were interested, so we settled for Brad hoisting Robyn on his shoulders and her taking pictures with everyone’s phones haha better than nothing.

Back into the vehicle and off to finally see Old Faithful. We made it right on time! We found pretty decent spots and only had to wait for about 15 minutes before the world famous geyser started spewing



We were pretty pleased with the sight but the kids were eager to get going to Jackson.

The short drive we thought it was, wasn’t. It was easily just as long, if not longer than the day before and we were all STARVING by the time we finally pulled in. Our first stop was somewhere to eat. We tried going into an old saloon looking restaurant, complete with wenches, but were told we needed reservations so down the street we went.


We decided on a pizza place a few streets over. It wasn’t your normal pepperoni kind of pizza place, we ended up ordering some unique flavours but it was delicious and the kitchen was wide open so you could watch them make it from scratch and cook it in the wood burning ovens. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite filling enough and we were still on the hungry side when we left. Dylan however, thought the pizza was worth the hours of driving haha



Our next stop was the town square to see the archways made of antlers. We’ve seen so many pictures of them and couldn’t wait to see them ourselves. They did not disappoint! There was four, one on every corner of the park.


We spent the next little while browsing through the stores and buying hoodies and other souvenirs. We couldn’t believe how expensive the town was and started referring to it as “the Beverly Hills of Wyoming”. We had a long drive ahead of us so we didn’t get to stay as long as I would’ve liked. I found Jackson Hole really cool, everything looks like an old western. Totally my jam.




We headed home on a different route that took us around the park that shaved a little time off our drive, but it was still close to midnight when we got back to camp and we couldn’t wait to get to bed. Brad and I swapped beds with his parents because Bob woke up that morning with lung issues from sleeping in the cold tent. So we froze in the tent, listening to wolves howl all night, while the kids had a sleepover with grandma and grandpa in the heated camper.

Tuesday was our last full day and we decided on a camp day. The furthest we drove was 10 minutes into West Yellowstone to the wildlife sanctuary. We got to see some pretty cool stuff including wolves and big grizzlies.



A quick stop for some ice cream and we headed back to camp for a peaceful day of swimming, playing dice, lawn darts and dinner. A day with no driving was exactly what we all needed. Brad and I settled into the tent for a second night and were very thankful it was a warmer night and the wolves kept quiet haha

Wednsday was leaving day. There were people lining up for our spot so we got packed up as quick as we could and hit the road for our 7 hour drive. We made a stop about an hour or so in to the drive for some gas station food to tide us over until we hit great falls for an early supper. We promised the kids the wonders of Golden Corral and I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of their trip, they were hilarious! I’ve never seen them eat so much or be so excited about a restaurant, Bob made a comment about how we could’ve just camped in the parking lot for a week and the kids would’ve been just as happy haha We left over full and ready for our own beds. We bee lined for the border and made it home at a pretty decent time. We were soooo happy to have showers and relax the night away.

Nothing makes you appreciate your own house and space like 8 people being crammed in close quarters for 6 days haha



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