Birthday Weekend In Idaho

After our week in Yellowstone, we spent one whole day at home before Brad and I (kid free) turned around and headed to Brad’s cousin’s lake house in Sandpoint, Idaho to celebrate my birthday.

We headed out Friday afternoon after work and spent the 5 hour drive DYING of heat. The air conditioning in our car isn’t great to begin with and it was having a hard time keeping up with the record breaking +40 temperatures. To make it worse, it only seemed to work at its full potential if the car was driving, and guess what? We had a 45 minute wait at the BC/US boarder. By the time we arrived at Mike’s I was a sweaty, overheated mess haha luckily for us, Mike and his boys greeted us with open arms and cold beverages. We spent the rest of the evening bbqing and catching up until way past my bed time.



A view I could get use to

Saturday (my birthday) was our only full day so we crammed as many activities in as we could. After our morning coffee me and Brad hit the lake for a morning paddle board. I love paddle boarding but don’t own one so I never get to do it. I thought it was a great way to kick off my birthday.


After this, Brad was eager to get on the boat, so we loaded up a cooler and hit the lake. Brad and Mike’s boys did some surfing and a lot of hassling me to give it a try but they had no luck. We eventually had to pull into the marina for gas and decided to also have some lunch before heading back out on the water.


The boys were relentless about getting me to surf so finally on the way back, I caved! I could only be heckled by teenage boys for so long haha With Mike’s help and coaching I did pretty good! I’d never admit it to any of them, but I was happy I did it haha


We took a short break so Mike could run to town for a car part so Brad took the opportunity to fish and I payed out on the dock and got my tan on. When Mike got back we switched over to the pontoon boat and went cliff jumping and rope swinging. Brad and Mike’s boy Maccoy worked really hard and both mastered a back flip off the rope swing!




By this time it was getting later in the day and we were ready to head back to the house. Mikes neighbors stopped over and Brad was more than happy to make them a homemade drink he had concocted while Mike prepared dinner.


While dinner cooked the group took the guns out and shot some tannerite off the lake. I couldn’t believe how loud it was and we actually could feel the heat and the blow back. It was so cool!

After dinner, which was fantastic, Mike and Brad surprised me with a birthday cake and we spent the rest of the night visiting around a campfire. It was a perfect end to the day.


Sunday morning we tidied up and hit the road for the long drive home. The one day there was totally worth the ten hours of driving, it was one of my best birthdays yet! Thanks for having us Mike!


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